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    How to schedule an email to be sent later

    Timing your emails perfectly is as important as drafting their content. Emails are meant to be drafted at the senders' time of convenience and read at a time optimum for the recipient. This is why it is needed that the email clients let us draft emails when we have the time and allow us to schedule them to be sent when it is appropriate to our recipient. 

    Why is it important to schedule emails to be sent later

    • Reach recipients at the right time 

      You generally would draft your emails when you find the time and before you forget the content you should put in. But this need not be the ideal time for your recipient to open your email. You here have the risk of your email being buried in their mailbox and eventually ignored. You should therefore schedule your emails to be sent when they are most likely to open them while you can draft them at your convenient time. 

    • Say goodbye to setting reminders to send out emails 

      There are instances when you have to send certain emails at a specific date and time. Drafting the email and setting a reminder so you can send it at the appropriate time can be replaced by scheduling the email as soon as you complete the draft. 

    • Reach colleagues and customers in their time zone 

      You might be working and communicating via emails with people in different time zones. You don't want to annoy them with your work email when they are done working for the day and at the same time you don't want to take time off of your personal life to send out this email. Draft and schedule it during your office hours and be sure that the email will reach them during their office hours. In business communication, it is always good to know what the best time to send an email is.

    • Send yourself email alerts of your own tasks 

      You can use this option to remind yourself of the to-dos of the day. Draft the email with tasks you should complete the following day and schedule it to when you want to be reminded. This way your to-do list arrives right in your inbox and you don't have to rely on any other applications to set up reminders. 

    How to schedule emails in Zoho Mail 

    In Zoho Mail, once you are done drafting your email content follow the below instructions to schedule it: 

    1. Click the Schedule icon next to the Send button to set up a schedule for the email.
    2. The options readily available are 'After' 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, Tomorrow morning and Tomorrow afternoon. You can also pick a specific date and time. 
    3. Click Send. The email will now be moved to the Outbox and will remain there until the time you've scheduled. 
    4. You can edit this email or even delete it from the Outbox, if needed. 


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