Zoho User and Email Migration Wizard

Zoho user and email migration wizard can be used for discover users and migrate their emails from Active Directory/ Exchange environment to their accounts in their Zoho Mail organization accounts. Apart from user discovery and migration from Exchange for organization users, the wizard can also be used for migration of emails in various formats like PST or EML and import the emails to the accounts in Zoho Mail for anytime anywhere access.

Alternatively, you can use POP / IMAP Migration tool from the Control Panel, in case the emails are available in the server and can be accessed via POP/ IMAP. However, this can import only the emails. The Calendar/ Contacts and so on need to be migrated manually. You can write to us at support@zohomail.com, to get the download link for the Zoho user and email migration wizard, upon providing your requirements, free of cost.

The following are the different options available in the Migration Wizard for various requirements.

Zoho Mail User Discovery and Migration from Active Directory  - To discover and migrate users from Active Directory environment

Zoho Mail Exchange Migration - Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes Migration from Microsoft Exchange Server

Zoho Mail Outlook-PST Migration - Email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes Migration from PST files to user accounts

Zoho Mail EML Migration - Email migration from default email format (EML).

 Applications of  Migration Wizard:

The Migration Wizard can be used to migrate the users/ emails from different sources. 

User Discovery from Active Directory - Connect to your Active Directory account to auto discover the user accounts and automatically set up the accounts in Zoho Mail directly from your LDAP server, without any hassles of export or import. 

Microsoft Exchange Server -  Migrate the email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes from Exchange Server accounts to the newly configured Zoho Mail Accounts of users.

Hosted Exchange - Administrator can use the migration tool on their local servers, connect to the Hosted Exchange Admin accounts and perform the migration.

PST / Outlook files - Migrate the email, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes from the PST files of users, to the respective accounts in Zoho Mail. 

EML format (.eml) files - Migrate the emails in the universal .eml format, by zipping together files, to the respective accounts in Zoho Mail.

All the above migrations can be performed by the administrators for the user accounts. The users can migrate their own emails in the form of PST files or EML files, to Zoho Mail using the wizard. 

 System Requirements:

Before Installation

The Migration Wizard can be installed only on a Windows system that has .NET FrameWork 3.5 runtime installed. The Operating System can be Windows XP/ 7/ 8 with Microsoft Office Outlook 2003/ 2007 or 2010 installed. 

Some of the recent 64 bit Windows OS systems, com pre-installed with this version .NetFramework. In case Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is not installed in your system, you can download from this link.  


The above run time libraries are currently available as free downloads from the developers website, and is subject to the Terms and Conditions provided in the publisher website.

 After Installation - Pre-requisites to run the Wizard

  1. The Zoho User and Email Migration Wizard can be run only on a Microsoft Windows Client (XP/7/8) Machine with Microsoft Outlook 2003 or above installed and has a minimum of 2GB free space.
  2. The user account which is used for the Migration Wizard should have administrator privileges.
  3. The Exchange administrator account used for Exchange Migration should have the required privileges on all the user accounts that need to be migrated.
  4. The account details of the Super Admin/ Administrator of the Zoho Mail organization, for multi-user migration.


Installation Process

The installation process is a one time process per system. Once istalled , the user/ administrator can execute the wizard any number of times as per the requirement. 

Steps to Install the Zoho Exchange Migration Wizard:
  1. Download the ZohoMigrationInstaller.exe from source of the Wizard.
  2. You can run the wizard from the shortcut, or by executing the Setup.exe file
  3. The installation path is 'C:\Zoho\Zoho Exchange Migration Wizard\', unless changed during installation. 
  4. The step by step process for installation, can be followed from onscreen instructions.
  5. A shortcut to 'Zoho Mail Migration Wizard' is placed in the desktop for easier access.