Table of Contents

If you have already installed the Wizard in your system, select the last link to view the instructions to execute the Wizard.

The Exchange Migration Wizard can be used to migrate Emails directly from a Exchange Sever or from a Hosted Exchange environment.

The wizard has to be executed only by an user with Administrator rights in the Client machine. The destination email accounts needs to be created in Zoho before the Migration process. If you want to provision the users to Zoho Mail from your Exchange server environment, choose user migration option in the introduction screen of the wizard. 

 Steps to execute the Exchange Migration Wizard:

  1. Launch the wizard using the desktop shortcut or run the wizard using ZohoMigrationWizard.exe file in the installation path under \Zoho\Zoho Migration Wizard\bin folder.
  2. In the introduction dialog, choose Email and other data migration from Exchange/ PST/ EML. 
  3. In the Email Migration, choose the Exchange Migration, to begin the exchange migration process.
  4. Make sure that the Exchange server is accessible from the internet with the address you provide. 
  5. Specify the Server name, Admin username and Domain details and click Next. 
  6. Select No for migration from an inhouse Exhange Server installed in your network. 
  7. Make sure that the Exchange server is accessible from your system. Provide the Domain name, Server Name and Admin User name.
  8. Provide the Zoho Admin credentials and click 'Get Domains' to populate the list of domains provisioned under the Zoho organization.
  9. You can select the destination domain required from the drop down and click Next.
  10. You have to map the current email accounts, with the destination accounts in Zoho for migration. The current user details can be imported from a Text file/ Global Address List (GAL) or directly from the LDAP server. 
    1. Click Text file, in case you have the list of accounts in the text file. Browse and choose the correct Text file from the file dialog. Ensure that the list of accounts are listed in seprate lines to import the details correctly. 
    2. To select the list of users from GAL, click GAL and choose the Type/ Domain and enter the filter criteria if any to get the list of users. 
    3. You can directly click LDAP, in case you have the details of the exact LDAP server, Base DN and the LDAP query to be used for the list of users whose data need to be migrated. 
  11. Once you have imported the list of users in one of the three methods, you can compare the users with the accounts set up in Zoho. Only the accounts which already exist in Zoho and has a valid email account, can be migrated. 
  12. After the account verification, the wizard will connect to the Exchange server and retrieve the folders for the selected accounts. 
  13. You can choose or exclude any folder from migration for each account, by selecting or deselectin the respective folder names. 
  14. In case any account has any access issues during retrieval from Exchange, it will be indicated in red with an error message. 
  15. You may have to check the permissions or the account accessiility or configurations to make sure that it is accessible by the exchange administrator account specified in this migration. 
  16. When you click Next, the details of accounts that cannot be accessed for migration process will be listed.
  17. You may select Retry, in case you have changed any settings, which will go back to Step 15. 
  18. You can 'Continue' to skip the accounts and proceed with Migration for the remaining accounts. 
  19. Choose the migration parameters (Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes and the Time based Email Data ) for each account. 
  20. By default, all data will be chosen for all the accounts. 
  21. You may also change the options for the selected users using the migration options in the bottom of the table. 
  22. Once you have selected the options, click Apply for selected users and verify the table. 
  23. Make sure that all options are correct, as you cannot make changes in the Previous screens, once you start the migration. 
  24. Click 'Start Migration' to begin the migration process for all the users. 
  25. Ensure that the exchange server remains online and accessible during the entire migration process.
  26. The summary page will give you the details of the current migration process. 
  27. The extraction pane, provides the details of the account for which the data is extracted and being processed. 
  28. The upload pane provides the details of the account that has been extracted and being uploaded to the Zoho Servers. 
  29. The details of the import progress for each account can also be monitored from the table.
  30. You can click an individual account, to view the detailed status for that particular account.
  31. The details provided in this page will be refreshed, only if you close and select the account again.