Zoho Mail Developer Space 

Zoho Mail Developer Space equips you with the tools to integrate any third-party application with Zoho Mail or create your own custom extensions inside Zoho Mail. Developer Space is accessible from the Settings menu. Navigate to Settings  >> Integrations >> Developer Space  to view all the tools.

Developer Space includes the following options:

Develop Extension

The Develop Extension section allows you to create your own applications inside Zoho Mail. The application you create will be available in the eWidget in Zoho Mail. Besides building your own eWidget applications, you can also integrate existing applications with Zoho Mail using the steps in this section. 

Click here for detailed instructions to create your own eWidget extension.  


The REST APIs provided in this section let you integrate Zoho Mail with other services. You can incorporate the data and functionalities of Zoho Mail to develop new applications or build on existing applications. Zoho Mail provides an extensive collection of APIs that deal with many aspects of your account - Organization API, Domain API, Email API, Groups API and much more.

Visit this page to view the complete list of APIs and their information. 


While creating your own application for eWidget, authenticating your account is a major step. Connectors are used to handle this authentication process. Connectors can be created from the Zoho Mail interface and used while building your application to simplify the authentication steps. 

Refer this help page for more information on Connectors.


Zoho Mail supports webhooks in the Developer Space. Using webhooks, you can configure such that an event in one application will trigger an action in another application. You can configure both outgoing and incoming webhooks that let you trigger actions using real-time events. 

Read more about webhooks in Zoho Mail in this help page

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