Applying Labels

Labels are similar to folders, but offer additional flexibility. A single message item can have multiple labels. Also various messages under different sub-folders can also be grouped with a common label.You can easily create, rename and delete labels.

 Create Labels

You can create labels and have colors associated with them. If you choose colors and names for your labels systematically and use them, you will have an effective classification of mail handy and your mail box will not have unnecessary clutter in it.

  1. Click ‘New’ next to Labels in the left pane.
  2. A colored label with a text area appears.
  3. Type the desired name in the text area and Press Enter.
  4. The label will be created.
  5. To change the color, click on the small square.
  6. Choose the desired color from the palette.

 Apply label

Any number of labels can be applied to a single message. There are many ways to apply label to a message.

Label messages from listing pane

  • Drag and drop the message from the message over the desired label.
  • Select the messages, to be labeled, in the message listing pane & select Label option from commands.

Label messages in mail view pane

You can label an email message which you are reading from the mail view pane itself.

  1. Open the message in Preview or Popup or Tab.
  2. Expand the message headers by clicking the small triangle in the left.
  3. Click on the ‘Add Label’ icon
  4. The list of available labels appears.
  5. Click on ‘Add’ across any label to apply the label.
  6. Click ‘New’ to create a new label and apply.


  • You can also click on the labels in the mail list pane, to open a similar dialog there itself.

Steps to remove a label from an email:

  1. Click on label across the email in the listing pane or in the Mail reading pane.
  2. The Labels dialog for email is launched.
  3. Click on remove to remove any associated label from the email.

 Delete Label

  1. You can delete label by selecting ‘Delete’ from the right click menu.
  2. Deleting a label will delete the label.
  3. The messages to which the labels are applied will not be deleted.
  4. The label will be removed from the messages
  5. Any filter associated with the label will not be deleted.
  6. The particular label will be removed from the filter also.