PUT - Reset User Password


The API is used to reset the password of a user in the organization. 

 Request URL 




 Request Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
zoid* Integerzoid - The unique Zoho Organization Identifier for the organization 
accountid* Integer Account Id of the user whose password should be reset using this API
adminPassword* StringAdministrator Password 

* - Mandatory parameters

  Request Body (JSON Object)

ParameterData TypeAllowed ValuesDescription
mode* String 


 To reset the Password of the specific user

zuid* Integerzuid of the user whose role should be changed

 Provide the ZUID of the user whose password should be reset

password* String

The new Password for the user 

 The new Password to be updated for the user, should be passed here. 
reset AuthtokenBooleanTrue / False

Whether the older Authtokens should be reset, so that all the active sessions of the user will be logged out.

* - Mandatory parameters

 Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Request

   "zuid": 1502252,
   "password": "Jan1$gra",
   "adminPassword": "testtest",
   "mode": "resetPassword"