The API retrieves the Organization details, along with the Organization ID, based on the Administrator or SuperAdministrator details, used in the Authtoken. The OrgId parameter in this particular method is optional. 

 Request URL




 Request Parameters

This method  retrieves the Organization ID or the Org ID for the particular organization along with the other basic Organization details. The Request URL can also be passed without the OrgId parameter to provide the Organization information along with the ZOID details.  

ParameterData TypeDescription
OrgIDIntegerzoid - The unique Zoho Organization Identified for the organization 

* - Mandatory parameter

 Response Codes

Please refer Response Codes.

Sample Response

   "status": {
      "code": 200,
      "description": "success"
   "data": {
      "zoid": 1234567,
      "orgName": "Zylker Inc",
      "superAdmin": "restadmin@zylker.com",
      "basePlan": "Standard 15GB",
      "paymentPeriod": "yearly",
      "usersCount": 50,
      "expiryTime": 1448353417215,
      "groupCount": 20,
      "mailboxCount": 16,
      "domains": [
      "isDomainMarkingExist": true,
      "spamVO": {
         "spamProcessType": "off"
      "orgPolicyDetails": {
         "1000000014003": "abc",
         "1000000013001": "testpolicy2",
         "1000000012005": "testpolicy1"