GET - Get User Storage Details


The API retrieves the details of the available and allotted storage information for the particular user in the given Organization. 

OAuth Scope

Use the scope

ZohoMail.organization.subscriptions.ALL (or) ZohoMail.organization.subscriptions.READ 

to generate the Authtoken.

ALL - Full access to the organization.

READ - Read an organization's subscription details.

Request URL

Method: GET{zoid}/storage/{zuid}

Path Parameters

  • zoid* long
    • This denotes the unique Zoho Organization Identifier for the organization.
    • This parameter can be fetched from Organization Details API.
  • zuid* long


* - Mandatory parameter

Response Codes

Refer here for the response codes and their meaning.

Sample Response

    "status": {
        "code": 200,
        "description": "success"
    "data": {
        "totalStorage": 65,
        "mailBox": true,
        "basicStorage": "mailPremium",
        "extraStorage": {
            "5 gb": 3
        "usedStorage": 1389,
        "zuid": 73348674