Public Groups

Public Email Groups

Public email groups are generic email accounts used for universal communication and can be accessed by anyone inside or outside the organization. Anyone will be able to send emails to Public group email addresses. This kind of group is ideal for roles that involve external communication like HR, PR, Marketing, Support and so on where the group email address has to be exposed so that anyone can communicate with the organization. For example,, Emails can be sent by customers, clients or someone else from any email addresses. 

Steps to create a Public Group:

  1. Login to Zoho Mail Control Panel as administrator.
  2. Locate Groups on the left pane.
  3. Select Add Group
  4. In the Access level, select Everyone.
  5. Provide the Group Name, desired members and moderators and select the domain from the drop-down.
  6. Provide a description and click Create Group to create the group.

The Group gets created and you can add members from the Members section. Public email groups are set to receive emails without any moderation. However, you can add moderators to the group, to allow them to manage the group by adding or removing members in the group. Read about more email groups.

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