Organization Privileges

Organization Privileges

In an organization account, you can restrict the Groups, Calendar, Zoho Docs and Developer privileges that each user has. These permissions can be configured in the Organization Privileges section. This restriction will be reflected while creating Email Groups in Zoho, while using the Zoho Docs application and will control the access each user has to the Developer Space. 

Group Privileges

Zoho Mail lets organizations create common email addresses, such that it can be shared by a group of users for a common purpose. You can restrict permissions to create groups such that it can be done only based on the role assigned to the user.

Login to, go to Organization Privileges and select Groups.

The Super Admin can choose to allow or disallow creation of organization or personal groups. For more information on the Organization Groups or Personal Groups, follow this help page.

The restriction level can be set separately for organization and personal groups from the Control Panel. 

Select or deselect the checkbox across Allow to create Organization Groups depending on whether you want to allow or disallow organization members to create groups. From the options, select whether you want to allow only the Super Admin, Admin or All Members of the organization. 

Similarly, you can choose to Allow to create Personal Groups as well from the Control Panel options. 

Personal Groups can also be created with members who are not part of the organization. You can allow/ disallow this using the Create Personal Group with Non-Organization User option.

Docs Privileges

Login to, go to Organization Privileges and select Docs. You can edit the sharing, export and publishing privileges in Docs from this section.

Share Privileges:

Allow users to share documents outside this organization  - You can choose whether documents that have been created under your Zoho Docs organization account can be shared with members outside the organization.

Allow users to receive documents from outside this organization - You can choose whether your organization members can receive documents from outside the organization. 

Export Privileges:

Permissions to export files from Zoho Docs can be restricted based on the role. You can select the Admin or User role from the dropdown list. 

Publish Privileges:

You can publish documents inside or outside your organization from Zoho Docs. When you publish a document, a link will be generated which you can use to share your document and embed it in websites or blogs.

This permission can be restricted from the Control Panel. You can either entirely disallow document publishing, or restrict it to within the organization or allow it to users outside your organization as well. 

Marketplace Developers

Developer Space in Zoho mail lets the users create their own eWidget application. The extension that is created can be installed from the Marketplace and used by other users. You can select the users who have access to the Developer Space from the Marketplace Developers tab in the Privileges section of the Control Panel. (Control Panel >> Privileges >> Marketplace Developers)

In order to provide access to any user, click on the Add User button. Select the users that should be given the developer rights and click on Assign. The selected users can now create application from the Developer Space in their respective accounts. 


The Marketplace Developers privilege is available only for users that are using one of our paid plans.

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