Roles and Privileges - Zoho Mail Control Panel

Roles and Privileges - Email administration

The roles available in Zoho Mail are Super Administrator, Administrator and User roles. The members of the organizations can assume different roles in Zoho Mail, based on the requirement. 

The Email Super Administrator is the person who signs up and sets up the domain in Zoho Mail. The users are end users, who just need to access the Mail, and do not need any admin capabilities like adding users and so on. The Administrator is a role provided to a user, who needs to manage users in the organization, in addition to the Super Administrator.

The Super Administrator can provide Administrator privileges to other users or change the Super Administrator of the organization to another Administrator in the Organization.

 User to Admin Role Change

  1. Login to as Super Admin to access the Control Panel
  2. Click User Details 
  3. Select the users whom you want to promote as Admin
  4. Click Change Role >> Admin 

 Admin to User Role Change

  1. Login to as Super Admin to access the Control Panel
  2. Click User Details 
  3. Select the users whom you want to make as a User
  4. Click Change Role >> User 

 Change Super Admin

The Super Admin role can be assigned only by the Super Admin. The member whom you want to make the new Super Admin should already have Admin role in the Organization. 

  1. Login to as Super Admin to access the Control Panel
  2. Locate the Organization details in the Dashboard
  3. Click the Edit icon next to the Super Admin name in the Dashboard
  4. The other Admins will be displayed in the drop down. 
  5. Select the Admin, whom you want to make as Super Admin from the drop down.
  6. In case the member you are looking for is not listed, you need to change the role of the user to Admin, before making the user as Super Admin. 
  7. Once you choose a different admin, Super Admin will be changed into an Admin. 


If you are a Zoho One user, refer here.

 Roles and Privileges

By default, the user who signs up first and creates the organization is the Super Administrator. The Super Administrator has the utmost privileges across the entire organization.

The following privileges are applicable only to the Super Administrators

  • Change the role of a User to Admin and vice versa.
  • Change an existing administrator to be a Super administrator.

There can be only one Super Admin in the entire organization. The other admins can create users, groups and manage them. They can do all the actions of the Super Admin, except changing the roles of users and managing the Subscription details. 

Both Administrators and Super Administrators can do the following tasks:

  • Create users / Groups
  • Reset User Passwords
  • Create and Assign Mail Policies
  • Add IP Restrictions
  • Add / Remove members from Groups
  • Manage users 
  • Enable / Disable services like POP, IMAP for users
  • Update Password Policies.
  • Moderate Emails and so on

Only the Super Admins and the Admins have access to the Control Panel to manage the organization.

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