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Live camera streaming

You can offer more valuable advice for solving issues if you can see the problem. With Zoho Lens, experts can view the camera stream of the smartphone or a smart glass at the remote location and lay out work instructions right from their desk. Learn More 

Annotate on 3D objects Annotate on 3D Objects

Annotate on 3D Objects

Adding extra information to the incoming stream will enhance communication between an expert and an end user. AR annotations in Zoho Lens allow users to place arrows to mark specific locations on the screen. Experts and technicians at the remote end can also draw on the screen using a pencil tool, and rectangular and elliptical drawing tools, as well as erase and start over using the clear screen option.



VoIP and text chat

You can rely on an interactive visual assistance session through VoIP and text chat. Our built-in chat eliminates the need for external messaging applications during the resolution process.

Smart glass support Smart glass support

Smart glass support

At certain times, working with a smartphone limits the work you can do. Our integration with major smart glass vendors allows technicians to receive guidance even while working hands-free. The camera in the smart glass allows the wearer to broadcast the live streaming to the expert, and the wearable headsets provide the perfect platform to communicate verbally.

session notes

Jot down notes in session

When your organization conducts multiple sessions a day, it can be challenging to keep track of the events in each session. Session notes allow you to store crucial information during a session. You can edit the session notes of previously conducted sessions, which is helpful for documentation and auditing purposes.

QR Code
Scanned QR Code

Scan any QR code or barcode

While working with components during remote maintenance or repair, a technician will definitely come across labels or tags with a barcode or QR code. Zoho Lens allows technicians to scan any QR code or barcode and get relevant information without switching apps during session. Learn More

Live Test
Retrive Test
Scaned Test

Retrieve text from live images

Instruction manuals can be extensive and most of them may not even be relevant to the task at hand. Optical character recognition (OCR) allows technicians to provide quick instructions by scanning only the text they need and sending it to the customer via chat during a session.Technicians can also scan product information on labels and copy them to session notes for future reference and analysis. Learn More

Video Stream
Camera Stream

Provide visual help with share camera

For certain procedures, technicians need to show a live demonstration that effectively conveys the solution to the customer. In such scenarios, technicians can share their camera stream during a session and stop it when they’re done. Customers can also resume their camera stream to show the result to the technician. Learn More

Video Stream
Snapshots Snapshots


Capture snapshots of the camera stream to document specific events during the session, or to analyze an issue further. The snapshots will automatically be saved in the cloud, and can be downloaded at any time during a session.

Freeze camera stream

Freeze Camera Stream

Sometimes you need to observe an issue closely to provide an insightful solution. In Lens, experts can explore, analyze, and discuss technical details of a particular scenario in greater depth by freezing the incoming camera stream while viewing a still image. 

Session recording

Session Recording

A remote session involves a lot of intricate operations that might not go as planned or sometimes you would want to learn from past challenges. With session recording you can record all sessions initiated in your organization to look back on session proceedings, create comprehensive trails, and document all your sessions to create a knowledge base. Learn More

Session analytics

A large organization has a lot of activities to keep track of. Session reports in Zoho Lens allow the Super Admin to get a detailed view of all the activities carried out in the organisation.  The session metrics available in Zoho Lens include start time, duration, session video, session title, and the operating system and IP addresses of the devices. Along with these metrics, you can also choose various custom views to see how your organization is performing. Learn More

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Snapshots Snapshots

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Mobile SDK Mobile SDK
Image Title

Mobile SDK

Asking customers to download a third-party application for joining a demo makes them apprehensive, and making your field technicians download an app while they are working on critical issues isn’t the best thing to do. Zoho Lens now allows you to integrate remote assistance capabilities into your mobile app and allow end-users to join a session right from your app. Learn more.

Invite multiple participants

Some issues require you to involve people with specialized skillsets. Zoho Lens allows you to collaborate with multiple people in real time on a problem. Call upon colleagues during a remote assistance session by sending email or SMS invites. All invited participants will be able to use AR tools to arrive at a solution at a faster pace.

Snapshots Snapshots


Enterprises are often hesitant to use an app with another company’s brand. Zoho Lens offers you rebranding options that allow you to use your company’s name, logo, favicon, and a customized portal URL. You can customize the emails sent to customers and also configure the sender’s email address, along with reply-to and CC email addresses. Learn More

Security Security


Customers would understandably feel vulnerable while letting a person access their smartphone’s camera. So, building trust is a cornerstone when using visual remote assistance software. With industry-standard SSL and 256-bit AES protocols ensuring secure connections, customers good reasons to choose your service. Learn more

User management User Management User Management

User Management

Each technician’s skill set is different, so some problems are best handled by multiple technicians with different skill sets. Zoho Lens allows you to have as many technicians as you want in your organization. You can also specify permission and put them into specific departments.Learn More


File management

Manually organizing session files can be time-consuming, especially if many sessions are being initiated in one day. Zoho Lens keeps all of your session files in your organization’s cloud storage and automatically organizes them by session, making it easier for members to access the files whenever they need them. Learn More

Remote assistance

Provide remote assistance right on the go with the Zoho Lens technician app