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Zoho Invoice - Safaricom M-PESA Integration

Zoho Invoice integrates with Safaricom M-PESA - a Kenyan payment gateway, to simplify the payment process for the customers. It is a mobile payment solution that paves the way for quick and hassle-free payments.

Note: This integration is available only in the Kenya edition of Zoho Invoice and the currency supported is KES.

Generate App Credentials Daraja 2.0

Before setting up the M-PESA payment gateway in Zoho Invoice, create an app in Daraja 2.0 (Safaricom Developers Portal) to generate credentials to configure the payment gateway.

To do this:

When you set up the M-PESA integration in Zoho Invoice, these credentials will be required.

Daraja 2.0 Take App Live

Set up the M-PESA Integration

Once you’ve created the app and generated the credentials, you can set up the payment gateway in Zoho Invoice. Here’s how:

Your M-PESA account will be integrated with Zoho Invoice.

Receive Payments from Customers

To receive payments from your customers, mark M-PESA as the payment option in the invoices you create for them. The option will be available at the bottom of the invoice creation page.

Invoice Creation

Once the payment option is enabled and the invoice is sent, your customers can pay from the Customer Portal or the invoice link that you’ve sent.

To do this, your customer will have to:

The payment will be processed, and the status will be reflected in Zoho Invoice.

Customer Portal Payment Success

In case the payment fails, the customer can click Try Again to initiate the payment.

Customer Portal Payment Failed

Note: In case you’ve initiated the payment, and the Payment Processing pop-up appears, you can check the payment status later in the invoice page for the final status.

Other Actions

You can perform other actions such as editing and deleting the integration.

Edit Integration

You can edit the bank account that you have provided while setting up the M-PESA payment gateway. To edit:

The payment gateway settings will be updated.

Delete Integration

To delete:

The integration will be deleted and your customers will no longer be able to initiate payments via M-PESA.

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