Zoho Inventory


Marketplace Integration


  1. Can one Zoho Inventory account be synced with two marketplace accounts from the same platform?
  2. On what basis does a sales channel item get mapped with an item in Zoho Inventory?
  3. What currency will the sales orders fetched from a marketplace have?
  4. How do I rectify incorrect item mapping?
  5. What is the basis on which customer information is mapped?

Stock Updates

  1. What would trigger a stock update to the integrated sales channels?
  2. How is the stock updated in the sales channel?
  3. Does the physical stock or the accounting stock of the item get affected during a stock update?
  4. How long does it take for a stock update to get triggered? How long does it take to update the stock in the marketplaces?
  5. If a Zoho Inventory item is mapped to a sales channel item, which stock will be taken into consideration?
  6. After the initial sync, when the stock is updated in a sales channel, will it also be updated in Zoho Inventory?
  7. Will turning off stock update for one channel affect the stock update to the other channels?
  8. Stock update has not taken place for a marketplace item. What could be the cause?
  9. How do I disable the automatic stock sync from Zoho Inventory to my sales channels?

Shipment Updates

  1. What details from the shipment will get updated to the sales channel?
  2. If an order has multiple shipments, will the details of all shipments be updated to the marketplace?
  3. If I delete a shipment and create another in its place, will its details get updated to the marketplace?
  4. There was an error while updating the shipment status to the sales channel. What can be done?
  5. Will the status of both manual and carrier shipments get updated to the sales channel?
  6. Does force fulfilling a sales order trigger a shipment update to the sales channel?
  7. What will happen when a confirmed sales order that is synced into Zoho Inventory is marked as delivered in the sales channel?


  1. Why are some of my items synced as Fulfillment by Amazon even after I’ve changed it to Merchant Fulfillment Network in Amazon?