Zoho Inventory


How do I rectify incorrect item mapping?

To unlink an item from a sales channel in Zoho Inventory:

  • Log into Zoho Inventory.
  • Go to Items.
  • Open the item that’s been incorrectly mapped.
  • Under the Overview tab, go to Channel Availability.
  • Click Unlink this Item option against the sales channel that you want to unlink it from.

The item will no longer be linked to the sales channel and stock update will cease to take place.

To sync the item back into Zoho Inventory:

  • Log into your sales channel account.
  • Make small changes to the details of the item that you wish to resync into Zoho Inventory.
  • Now, log into Zoho Inventory.
  • Go to Integrations in the sidebar.
  • Go to Marketplace or Shopping Cart tab.
  • Click Sync Manually > Items option against the sales channel from which you want to sync the particular item back into Zoho Inventory.

Once the sync is completed, the sales channel item gets mapped to the appropriate Zoho Inventory item automatically if the SKU or name matches.

Otherwise, it is brought in as an unconfirmed item which you can link with the appropriate item in Zoho Inventory.