Zoho Analytics と拡張可能なプラットフォームを連携させ、Zoho Marketplace での分析アプリはもちろん、外部サービスのマーケットプレイスからもお客さまに特化した分析アプリが利用できます。ニーズに合ったアプリをお選びいただき、包括的で詳細な分析にお役立てください。

  • 顧客向けサポート
  • 営業
  • 生産性向上
  • 販促活動
  • 財務

Zoho Marketplace

Zoho Analytics で利用できるMarketplace の包括的なアプリ

  • 豊富な分析アプリ
  • パートナー主導のエコシステム
  • カスタマイズされたコネクターと拡張機能
  • 詳細で迅速な分析を提供するアプリ



Shopify マーケットプレイスで入手できるeコマース向けアプリ


ServiceNow マーケットプレイスで入手できる分析アプリ


“If you use Shopify and need advanced analytics, then you should integrate Zoho Analytics. We were able to integrate Shopify into Zoho Analytics in a few clicks, and reports were generated within minutes.”


“Zoho Analytics on Shopify is great. I'm very happy with the integration. The fact is you can simply select Shopify from data sources and configure which tables you want and every table is pretty much in there. It's very easy to get Shopify data into Zoho Analytics.”


“Automation is the way to scale and that can be perfectly done with Shopify and Zoho. With the right metrics, we are continuously able to make the right decisions on how to further boost our business. Thanks to Zoho Analytics we get daily insights on our performance, so we can quickly solve issues and maximize profits.”