Quikflip Apparel achieves end-to-end e-commerce analysis with Zoho Analytics

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"Zoho Analytics on Shopify is great. I'm very happy with the integration. The fact is you can simply select Shopify from data sources and configure which tables you want and every table is pretty much in there. It's very easy to get Shopify data into Zoho Analytics."

Jordan Talmor
Chief Operating Officer, Quikflip Apparel

About Quikflip Apparel

Established in 2017 Quikflip Apparel, is an e-commerce clothing company specializing in convertible sweatshirts and jackets. Using Quikflip’s patented conversion technology, their entire line of apparel can quickly and easily convert into a drawstring backpack as needed. Quikflip Apparel is the brainchild of Rener Gracie. As a third generation jiu-jitsu master in the Gracie Family, he spent his entire life studying the most efficient ways to neutralize violent aggressors in the context of real fights. After becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of ways to carry unworn hoodie, he finally decided to apply his multi-generational problem-solving DNA to this hoodie dilemma. Just 12 months after setting out on his mission, the Hero Hoodie was born. Their initial offering of 5,000 units sold out in one and a half months, generating over $200,000 in sales and gaining the attention of the world. Shortly after launching, the company was featured on Shark Tank, where they received multiple offers from the Sharks. The company continues to expand into new sales channels, most recently with S&S Activewear.

Challenges: Lack of reporting in e-commerce platforms

Jordan Talmor is the Chief Operating Officer of Quikflip Apparel. His primary responsibility is centered on creating and managing BI to track sales performance from Shopify and Amazon, as both of these platforms have limited reporting capabilities.

Since Quikflip used multiple apps, they accumulated a large amount of data and needed a BI app that could integrate data from multiple systems and analyze key metrics. They also had a variety of sales and incentive programs offering discounts, credits, and upselling to customers. Tracking the performance of these channels, ad spend, and overall ROI became a necessity.

They were previously using Microsoft Excel but it couldn't handle these complex requirements. They used Google Data Studio for some time but when they moved to Zoho One, it made the most sense to use the built-in BI solution, Zoho Analytics.

Quikflip Apparel wanted a solution that could:

  • Analyze data from multiple systems
  • Perform end-to-end ecommerce analytics
  • Enable collaboration for reports and dashboards across users from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

"Shopify doesn't allow us to split sales data by different offers, discounts, or programs. It's a big gap. We don't know how our sales incentive programs are performing. Also, there are a lot of third-party apps and plug-ins in Shopify—for order editing, order cancellation, and more, for which reporting is not supported in Shopify, making it difficult for us to track and measure. On the other hand, we also have a presence on Amazon where reporting is severely limited. There is a gap in the market for BI software focused on e-commerce analytics."

Jordan Talmor
Chief Operating Officer, Quikflip Apparel

Solution: End-to-end e-commerce analytics powered by Zoho

Quikflip uses multiple apps to manage their business: Zoho Desk, Facebook Ads, Shopify, Google Analytics, and Klayvio. Since they're now using Zoho One, the operating system for business, they're bringing data in from all these apps to Zoho Analytics using connectors, and a manual feed for data from Amazon.

They also have various sales and incentive channels:

  • Try before you buy program
  • Buy now, pay later program
  • Post-purchase up-sell program

Shopify didn't allow Quikflip Apparel to split up sales data across these programs to track their performance. But with Zoho Analytics, they were able to write SQL queries to track the performance of these programs individually as well as overall.

Quikflip uses Zoho Analytics to track:

  • Sales metrics: Overall sales performance, market trends, number of units sold, monthly online sales, total revenue by channels, top 10 orders for a period, average order value, order value by size and channel, discount code usage grouped into different discount buckets, and more.
  • Inventory metrics: Current inventory levels, inventory levels by product, size, and color; overall stock levels; etc.
  • Ad metrics: ROI on Facebook ads, etc.

"Zoho Analytics enabled end-to-end e-commerce analytics right from ad conversions, tracking orders, inventory, even being able to look at my run rate. We can now accurately monitor our business performance to make better business decisions and grow the company more responsibly."

Zoho Analytics' various integrations enabled deep sales performance analytics, inventory insight, and ad performance metrics, thus enabling end-to-end e-commerce analytics. It allows Quikflip to fetch data from multiple sources easily and use it more meaningfully for better decision making.

Features including quick data synchronization, themed dashboards, and the ability to generate unified reports by blending data from multiple sources are some of Talmor's favorites.

Insight is shared with management teams and investors with user-based permissions, accessible anywhere, at any time, across all devices.

Benefits & results

  • Enabled end to end ecommerce analytics
  • Enabled tracking of various sales programs
  • Enabled dynamic pricing decisions with real-time insight
  • Established a credible BI reporting functionality for Quikflip Apparel