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Shopify reporting and analytics app to transform your Shopify store into a growth powerhouse.

  • Visually analyze your Shopify data
  • Extract actionable insights instantly
  • Unlock new opportunities with advanced AI
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Shopify Advanced Reports - Zoho Analytics

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Shopify Reporting Made Easy

Get started instantly with an exhaustive collection of prebuilt reports and dashboards for end-to-end store insights.

  • Sales Reports

    Analyze and forecast sales across products, orders, regions, and payment methods. Optimize your sales pipeline with refund reports by product or reason, and perform impact analysis of discounts by target, geography, and trend report.

  • Order Insights

    Uncover insights on orders to sales conversions, average order value, and fulfilment rates. Analyze orders across sources, transactions, status, and devices. Measure contribution to sales with orders by billing location and discount reports.

  • Inventory Optimization

    See the best- and worst-selling products to better understand customer preferences. Dive deeper to analyze stock on hand, low stock products, and a lot more, to optimize your inventory efficiently.

  • Customer Intelligence

    Refine your customer strategy with first-time vs returning customer reports. Boost marketing ROI by analyzing customers across locations, tags, and orders. Forecast your monthly customer addition trends.

  • Shipment Analytics

    Optimize dispatches and deliveries with shipment funnels. Geographically analyze shipping costs and hours to plan shipments effectively. Monitor fulfilment by status and service reports.

Shopify Sales Reports - Zoho Analytics
Shopify Orders Reports - Zoho Analytics
Shopify Inventory Reports - Zoho Analytics
Shopify Report for Customer Data - Zoho Analytics
Shopify Shipment Analytics - Zoho Analytics

Custom Shopify Reports For Specific Business Needs

Visually analyze and build your own Shopify reports and dashboards with an AI-powered, merchant-friendly interface.

  • Visual Analytics

    Just drag and drop to build your own reports and dashboards. Slice and dice your Shopify data to extract hidden insights. Customize reporting for your business needs without any technical know-how.

  • Variety Of Visualizations

    Visualize your data with 50+ visualizations, including geomaps, heat maps, funnels, histograms, widgets, pivot tables, tabular views, and more. Immersive interactions like contextual filtering, dynamic drill-down, and view underlying data, enable ad-hoc data analysis on the go.

  • Cool Dashboards

    Combine multiple Shopify reports into a single dashboard using our drag-and-drop designer. Insert images, formated text, widgets, and web components in a flexible designer layout.

  • AI-powered Insights

    Ask questions in simple English and get insights on your Shopify metrics. Zia, our AI assistant, enables merchants to perform precise analytics without any technical know-how. Use advanced AI-powered features like Forecasting, Trend and What-if for deep analysis.

Custom Shopify Reports - Zoho Analytics
Visualize your Shopify Reports - Zoho Analytics
Create Custom Shopify Reports - Zoho Analytics
AI Powered Shopify Data Insights - Zoho Analytics

A Must-have Shopify Analytics App

An array of advanced analytical functionalities to effectively plan and grow your Shopify store.

  • Data Blending

    Upload data from files (Excel, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML, and text files), cloud drives (Zoho Docs, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive), and web URL feeds, and blend with your Shopify data for end-to-end insights. For example, blend your marketing spend data from Excel files with your Shopify sales data to create spend vs. sales reports for cross-functional insights.

  • Smart Alerts

    Get notified on key changes to your Shopify metrics with data alerts. Set conditions and be notified instantly across multiple channels on any spike, change, or anomaly.

  • Scheduled Emails

    Deliver key Shopify reports and dashboards directly to your inbox as scheduled emails—no need to log in to track your metrics.

  • Export Reports & Dashboards

    Export your Shopify reports and dashboards into print-friendly HTML and PDF formats. Then distribute them easily for offline access, analysis, and collaboration.

Data Blending in Shopify Analytics Tool - Zoho Analytics
Create Smart Alerts - Zoho Analytics
Schedule emails - Zoho Analytics
Export Shopify Reports & Dashboards - Zoho Analytics
Juan Martitegui

"If you use Shopify and need advanced analytics, then you should integrate Zoho Analytics. We were able to integrate Shopify into Zoho Analytics in a few clicks, and reports were generated within minutes."

Juan Martitegui

Co-founder, Ecom Ventures

Jordan Talmor

"Zoho Analytics on Shopify is great. I'm very happy with the integration. The fact is you can simply select Shopify from data sources and configure which tables you want and every table is pretty much in there. It's very easy to get Shopify data into Zoho Analytics."

Jordan Talmor

Chief Operating Officer, Quikflip Apparel

Sander Vessies

"Automation is the way to scale and that can be perfectly done with Shopify and Zoho. With the right metrics, we are continuously able to make the right decisions on how to further boost our business. Thanks to Zoho Analytics we get daily insights on our performance, so we can quickly solve issues and maximize profits."

Sander Vessies

Founder & CEO, Giftomatic

Why Zoho Advanced Analytics For Shopify?

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    Seamless Integration

    Integrated seamlessly within your Shopify store for quick and easy access.

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    Powered By Zoho Analytics

    Engineered by one of the pioneers in the Business Intelligence market.

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    Enterprise-grade Analytics

    Deep analytics, high scalability, and the agility to handle any business need.

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    Value For Your money

    Delivering business value at a competitive price, with quick ROI on implementation.

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    Customer Support

    We got your back! Our seasoned customer support team works alongside you to grow your Shopify stores.

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    With security, privacy, and compliance practices at global standards, we're committed to protecting your data.

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Overview of Shopify Reporting

What are Shopify reports?

  • Shopify reports provide insights into your business' sales and order performance, acquisition, customers, and profit. With these reports, you can analyze how your business is performing and decide whether you want to rethink your strategies.

Why do I need to have a Shopify reporting app?

  • An advanced Shopify reporting app will help you better visualize data in the form of charts and identify patterns and trends with the help of artificial intelligence. Also, the app will predict and forecast the future performance of the business, so you can be prepared with the stocks in the inventory.

What are the key Shopify reports to monitor to increase sales?

  • The key Shopify reports may vary based on the business. However, here are some popular key reports to monitor in order to increase sales:
    • Sales reports include month-over-month sales, monthly average order value, monthly sales trend, etc.
    • Orders reports include monthly orders and its forecast, cumulative orders, orders by source, etc.
    • Customers reports include customer addition trend and its forecast, customers based on location and monthly average order value, etc.
    • Products reports include collections addition trend, most and least selling products, orders by products and variants, etc.

What are the critical KPIs to monitor?

  • Every business should monitor a few KPIs in order to keep track their performance accurately. Below are some of the critical KPIs to monitor:
    • Sales and orders in the month
    • Average order value
    • Active customers
    • Returning customer%
    • Fulfillment%

Why choose Zoho Advanced Analytics for Shopify reporting?

  • Businesses should choose Zoho Analytics for Shopify reporting as it offers multiple data visualization options, AI-powered analysis, collaboration with the team, reports and dashboards embedding, and many more.