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Invoice 2022 Highlights

It’s been more than a year since we made Zoho Invoice free, and watching the SMB community adopt and use it to its fullest has been nothing but gratifying for us. With exciting feature updates and new edition launches, we have a lot to celebrate from the past year. Here are the highlights of 2022!

Feature Updates


Show or hide tax details

Choose to show or hide tax details on your invoices while editing invoice templates. You can also hide a transaction's total tax details for a particular template.

Retainer tax summary

Display retainer tax information on your customers' invoices to track the retainer tax applied on your transactions.

Dissociate payments

Convert incorrectly recorded invoice payments into credit notes or advance payments.

Advanced customization

Customize the look of your transaction PDFs to reflect your business branding. You can add background images, and capture additional information. Learn more.

Customer Portal

Customer self-signup

Your customers can sign up to your organization's Customer Portal by themselves using the link displayed when making invoice payments or on the portal's sign-in page.

Share important documents

Customers can share important documents directly from the Customer Portal which can be viewed from the attachment section of that particular customer's Details page.

Pay for multiple invoices in one go

Your customers can select multiple invoices and pay for them in one go from the Customer Portal. They can also download several invoices or recurring invoices as a single PDF.


Customize reports with multiple parameters

Customize your Receivable Summary and Receivable Details reports with up to three parameters in one go. You can also choose to display the respective totals above or below each parameter.

Tax Summary report customization

Customize the Tax Summary report using advanced filters, column customization and the multi-level Group by option.

Customer Balance Summary

View all the payments you're yet to receive from your customers from our newly-added Customer Balance Summary report.

Taxes & Compliance

Secondary language fields in invoices

Send bilingual invoice PDFs to your customers with invoice details in Arabic and an additional secondary language to stay compliant with the ZATCA rules and regulations.

Set default tax

Mark a particular tax your business often uses as your default. This tax will be applied on transactions automatically unless a different tax is associated with a customer or line item.

Encrypt & store ePHI fields

Store private health information in an encrypted custom field with the data privacy set to ePHI. This way, only admin users will be able to access this information.

Legal name and trade name for GSTIN

Display both the legal name and the trade name for your business and GST-registered customers. This field will be mandatory if e-invoicing is enabled.

Apply reverse charges

Apply reverse charges to transactions and keep track of them using the newly-added Reverse Charge Summary and Sales Reverse Charge Summary reports.

Reclaim VAT for written-off invoices

Reclaim VAT from the HMRC while writing off invoices. You can also record the date of reclamation and the amount you want to reclaim.

Accessibility & Ease-of-Use Improvements

View receivables and unused credits in your base currency

We added two new columns to the Customers module, namely, Receivables (BCY) and Unused Credits (BCY), which display values in your organization's base currency.

View receivables and unused credits in your base currency

Clone itemized expenses

Adding multiple itemized expenses is quicker than ever. Simply clone an expense into the next line item, and make changes only where required.

Clone itemized expenses

Display QR codes on credit notes

Display a QR code on credit notes. Your customers can scan these to access a particular website or any other information you configure.

Display QR codes on credit notes

Use Zoho Invoice in Hindi

Zoho Invoice is available in Hindi. Once you switch your organization's language, everything from field names to templates will be displayed in Hindi.

Use Zoho Invoice in Hindi

New themes

We introduced a new theme picker with custom color options optimized for both light and dark themes. We’ve also enhanced the look and feel of Zoho Invoice to provide you with a better user experience.

New themes

Visit Zoho Invoice's What's New Timeline for a comprehensive list of all feature updates and enhancements.

Mobile App Updates

iOS & iPadOS

  • Customize the look of your transaction PDFs from Settings to reflect your business's branding.

  • Copy and paste information from attached receipts to create expense records even faster.

  • Jump directly into creating an invoice right from your lock screen with the help of lock screen widgets.

  • Take a quick look at the Dynamic Island to get speedy updates on your live project hours.


  • Create credit notes and apply them to invoices or initiate a refund.

  • View all the transactions of a particular customer from their Details page.

  • Find transactions you're looking for swiftly using advanced filter and sorting options.

Our mobile apps are updated constantly, and these were some of the highlights. View a full list of updates:

Our Wall of Love

Here’s what business owners, consultants and freelancers had to say about us

I am a marketing consultant and have been using Zoho Invoice for my current and previous companies.Some of the great features it offers are the client portal, multi-currency support, online payments, projects, and time tracking—all must-have features.

I used to manage all my invoices manually and it was an extremely time-consuming process. After I started using Zoho Invoice, my invoicing process has become effortless and I save a lot of time. The best part is that it is 100% free!

I love how user-friendly Zoho Invoice is. I'm grateful that it has been made 100% free. I was among the ones who could no longer afford software due to COVID and, with the economy being bad, every bit is a blessing. Zoho is one of those blessings for my business!

As a freelancer, the fact that I am able to charge per hour, job, project, etc. allows me to be more flexible with my clients. Zoho Invoice helps me keep track of each client individually. I absolutely love it!

Zoho Invoice has been a major part of my financial routine for 10+ years. I can't imagine how I would invoice my clients and control my receivables without it.I can't recommend it enough! Thank you Zoho for this great decade of partnership!

Zoho Invoice has been a great value add to our business.Our customers love how easy it is to make payments and—thanks to that—it has helped us collect payments faster.We are also able to manage our GST invoices without worrying about compliance issues.

I was new to billing and looking for a simple and free solution. I tried several invoicing tools but Zoho Invoice was the one that stood out to me. It offers multiple options to make my bills look professional. I was able to configure everything in less than two hours and generate my first quote.

Awards & Ratings

Saasworthy Top 20 Most Popular Software for Billing and Invoicing Award G2 Small Business Leader Award 2022
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rating-4.8/5 4.8/5
rating - 4.6/5 4.6/5
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rating- 4.8/5 4.8/5
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rating- 4.8/5 4.7/5

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