How can I remove the negative values from GSTR-3B Summary?

GSTR-3B Summary is a monthly or quarterly return filed by every GST-registered business based on their turnover for a particular tax period. When you generate the GSTR-3B Summary, you may find negative values in table 3.1. This happens when the total value of credit notes for a month or quarter is greater than the total value of invoices. Let’s look at a scenario to understand this better.

Scenario: Let’s say you have three transactions for the current month which includes an intra-state invoice of ₹950, inter-state invoice of ₹284 and one credit note for an inter-state reverse transaction of ₹625. The inter-state invoice of ₹284 is less than the inter-state reverse transaction of ₹625, therefore the IGST will be computed as a negative value.

Pro Tip: The tax levied for intra-state transactions is the sum of CGST and SGST, whereas the tax levied for inter-state transaction is IGST.

gstr-3b-error1-1 gstr-3b-error1-2

To remove the negative values in table 3.1, you will have to void the credit notes.

Before you do that, check if you fall under any of the following cases:

Case 1: If you have filed your GSTR-1 from GSTN portal for a particular month, then you will have to unfile GSTR-1 before you proceed with the steps below.

Case 2: If you have filed GSTR-1 from Zoho Books, or have submitted it, then write to our support team at

To void the credit notes so that you can remove the negative values:

  • Log in to your Zoho Books account.
  • On the left sidebar, go to Sales > Credit Notes.
  • Click the open credit note of any GST registered customer, slide to the right side of the page and click the More button.
  • Select Void from the dropdown.

Once you void the credit notes, negative values will be removed from table 3.1. You can now push the GSTR-3B Summary to the GSTN portal and complete the filing.


Note: Ensure to unvoid the voided credit notes, after filing the GSTR-3B Summary. If you unvoid a credit note, it will be in the Draft status by default. You would have to convert the credit note to open for it to be an active transaction again.

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