One benefit of Zoho Show that’s been somewhat hidden is to share your presentations with others by embedding them in your website or blog. We have made this a little easier with the latest update made today. Just click on the Actions link on the top-right and you will see the ‘Embed Slideshow’ link there. Clicking on it, you will get a HTML code snippet which you can embed in your blog or web site. Expect a few more niceties in the upcoming updates as regards sharing!

Launch the above embedded presentation as a full-screen slideshow

In IE7, some screens didn’t show up well and a few functions couldn’t be accessed. With the update done yesterday, Zoho Show works fine in IE7.

Previously, when inserting images, we would be showing all your images and this took quite some time to load if you had a lot of images. This has been made easier now as we load the images in batches of 10.

And there are some improvements as regards writing text. Text boxes automatically expand now as the lines of text grow. And many of you have written back to us expressing the font sizing in Zoho Show as percentage is a bit diferent from the normal way of setting it in points. We have made a graphical representation of the sizing now. And we plan to give the points system in future.

Choosing the type of fonts is easier too as we now display how each font looks like.

Check out Zoho Show and tell us what you think of this update.