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There's no easier way to bill customers than email, and it gets a whole lot easier when you combine Zoho Mail's integrated email suite with Zoho Invoice's intuitive invoicing platform.

About Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is an integrated email suite built for every enterprise. Host your business emails on a secure, encrypted, privacy-guaranteed, ad-free email service.

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Zoho Mail - Zoho Invoice Integration | Zoho Invoice Zoho Mail - Zoho Invoice Integration | Zoho Invoice

Integration requirements

  • A Zoho Invoice account
  • A Zoho Mail account

Benefits of the integration

    All your email interactions in one place

    Access records of Zoho Mail email interactions with customers, and even view the emails themselves, all from the customer profiles in Zoho Invoice.

    Show email exchanges in customer activity

    Add email conversations to the customer activity section in your Customers module, making them visible to all users in your organization and not just the email recipient.

    Move email attachments as you receive them

    Attachments you receive in emails can be directly added to your documents, or attached to an invoice or estimate for the contact’s reference.

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Be it showing how professional or reliable you are, it all starts with the first email you send. Zoho Invoice allows us to create professional-looking estimates that reflect our brand and make the best first impression!

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Streamline invoicing for your business with an effective email service.