With reports, you can sort and consolidate form data by setting filters. This way you can better analyze the data you've collected and get your team involved to manage them. You can share them publicly or with specific users. You can even embed the report into any web page. 

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Create Reports

To create a new report:

  1. On the homepage, click on the Reports link given below your form's name.
  2. A list of all the reports of that particular form will be displayed.
  3. To create a new report, click on the New Report button at the top-right corner of the page. 
  4. Name the report and click Create. The report builder appears.



  1. Click on the Reports tab on the Home page.
  2. A list of all the reports created will appear.
  3. To create a new report, click on the New Report button at the top-right corner of the page.
  4. Name the report, and select the form for which you want to create a report.
  5. Click Create. The report builder appears.

You are provided with the following options while creating a new report:

  • General
  • Custom Filters (Conditional logic)
  • Auto Filters
  • Show/Hide Columns


Under this setting, you can rename the report, set the date format and fix the time zone.


Report Name: You can enter a name for your report. Rename your existing report at any time.

Date Format: Date will be displayed according to the selected format.

Time Zone: Under Date-Time column in your report, the time will be calculated and displayed based on the selected time zone. 

Custom Filters

Use this option to filter out entries that match specific conditions. Entries that match the set conditions would automatically be added to the report. 

To do so:

  1. Click on the Custom Filters tab and click on Configure Filter.
  2. Here, you can give multiple conditions to filter out only those entries that you wish to include in your report. Select the Field Name and the condition it has to satisfy by choosing a Comparison from the drop-down list and the Value it has to match.
  3. To add a condition or delete a condition, click on the Plus and Minus icons respectively.
  4. If you want your entries to satisfy two or more conditions, select Match All radio button. If it has to satisfy any one particular condition among multiple conditions, select Match Any radio button.
  5. Click on Save once you're done. To view your report, click on the Entries tab.

Auto Filters

Use this option to filter entries based on the inputs given in Dropdown or Radio fields.


Show/Hide Columns

  • In this section, you can select the fields with which you would want to create the report. Uncheck all the fields that you don't want to be displayed. You can modify the display names of the fields. Click on Save once you're done.
  • Here, you can even choose to display the IP address of the system used to answer the form & the time the form was added and modified. 

To re-arrange the fields in your Entries, drag and re-arrange the fields in the Show/Hide columns page to change its position. Arrange the fields in the order in which you would like to list your entries.


View Reports

Two methods are available to view a form's report.

Method 1:
To view a report,

  1. Click Reports tab as shown below-

  1. The All Reports screen will appear, from which you can select a report you want to view.

  1. The report will appear on the new screen.
  2. If you want to rearrange the order of entries listed under a field, hover your mouse pointer over the field's name, click the drop-down button, and select either Ascending or Descending based on your requirement.

  1. You can apply different font and background colors to choice-type fields (Dropdown, Radio, Multiple Choice, and Checkbox) in reports, to distinctly identify the choices.

To do so, 

        i. Hover your mouse pointer over a choice-based field' name, click the drop-down button, and select Customize.

        ii. In the pop-up set font and background colors for all the choices you've listed under a field.

Method 2:

To view a report, 

  1. Click Reports under a form's name, as shown below-


  1. All the reports created for that particular form will be listed on this screen. Click the report that you want to view.

  1. Follow the steps (from step no.4) given under Method 1, for further requirements.

Share Reports

Similar to forms, you can also share your reports in the following ways:

  • As a public link
  • With specific users in your organization
  • With all the users in your organization
  • Embed options

As a public link

You can share a report with the public audience to let them view the data you've collected using a form.

To share a report publicly:

  1. Go to the Reports section of the form.
  2. Click the Share tab and click Publick under Share With
  3. Copy the Report Permalink (URL) and share it with your audience.

Note: If the public URL of a report is disabled, the report will no longer be accessible through the link shared via any medium (direct link, social media sharing, email campaigns), or any embed codes used in the web pages.

With users in your organization

Unlike public sharing, you can protect your privacy and share the data collected within a closed group in your organization. When you share a report privately, only the users who are a part of your Zoho Forms organization can view your reports when they are logged in to their Zoho Forms account. You can also choose to give them either Read Only access or Read/Write access to edit records.

Specific users

  1. Click Specific Users under Share With in the Share ​tab.
  2. Enter the email address of users with whom you want to share the report.
  3. To notify the users via email, select the Notify Users option. 

​All users 

  1. Click ​All Users under Share With in the Share tab.
  2. To notify the users via email, select the Notify Users option, and enter their email addresses.

Embed options

You can even embed the report on your website. We provide the following embedding options:

  • iframe
  • HTML button
  • Hyperlink​​​

Print and Export Reports

Print Reports

You can print your reports either as a list or a summary. To print your reports:

  1. Open the report you want to print, and click on the Entries tab.
  2. Click on the Print icon.
  3. A pop-up dialog box with two print options appears, 
    • choose Print as List if you would like to print the entire report as a table.
    • choose Print as Summary if you would like to print individual summaries of all entries. Check the Include comments checkbox if you would like comments to be included.


Note: If your form contains encrypted fields, you can choose to mask/unmask them while printing reports.

Export Reports

To export reports,

  1. Open the report you want to export, and click on the Entries tab.
  2. Click on the Export icon. The Export Data dialog box appears.
  3. Choose whether you want to export as CSV or PDF. You can also add a password to protect your exported report.

To view all reports shared with you, click on the drop-down menu in the search text box and select Shared reports.


Note: If your form contains encrypted fields, you can choose to mask/unmask them while exporting reports.

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