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  • How to integrate Wati with other applications using Zoho Flow

How to integrate Wati with other applications using Zoho Flow

  • Last Updated : June 10, 2024
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WhatsApp is one of the most-used messaging platforms across the world with over two billion active monthly users. So, for any business to reach a wider audience, WhatsApp marketing is crucial.

While WhatsApp is an efficient means of communication, when it comes to managing customer interactions for businesses, you might need more than just a communication tool. For example, when you want to send automated text messages whenever a potential or active customer tries to reach out to your business, WhatsApp might not be able to do that on its own.

Wati is an end-to-end WhatsApp API solution that helps businesses connect with their customers through WhatsApp. With Wati, you can initiate automated template messages through WhatsApp whenever a potential or active customer reaches out to your business.

Wati allows businesses to manage and track interactions with their customers on WhatsApp, automate customer communication, create custom workflows, and more.

Why you need Wati

Wati lets you manage customer interactions, resolve issues, and build relationships through WhatsApp. Wati offers useful features, making it the go-to option when it comes to WhatsApp marketing.

  • Team inbox: Wati provides a collaborative inbox management system that can help your team maintain better control over incoming WhatsApp messages from customers or leads.
  • No-code chatbot builder: Create a chatbot that can have introductory or basic conversations with leads or customers and solve simple problems.
  • Confirmations and updates: Wati can also help you send appointment or event reminders, transactional messages, order confirmations, and other updates.
  • Dashboard and analytics: Wati offers you insights into message delivery, response rates, and customer engagement metrics.
  • Contacts management: It can help you manage your contacts, create contact lists, and more.

There are many other features that Wati offers businesses, making it an efficient WhatsApp marketing tool.

However, like any other marketing platform, to move contact information into Wati seamlessly or to ensure data in Wati is always updated, you need to integrate it with other relevant applications; Zoho Flow can help you do that.

What is Zoho Flow?

Zoho Flow is an integration platform that lets you integrate multiple cloud and on-premises applications and build customized automated workflows for your business.

With Zoho Flow, you will be able to connect Wati with more than 900 applications and build streamlined workflows with them based on your requirements. This can not only help you eliminate data silos and ensure seamless data flow, but it will also save you time and reduce manual effort.

Here are a few integration use cases that can give you a clear understanding of why you should integrate Wati with other applications, using Zoho Flow.

Use cases

Send templated messages to form entries

When someone fills out a form on your website, it shows their interest in your business, and it is important for you to get in touch with them as soon as possible. By integrating form builder applications like Zoho Forms or Google Forms with Wati, every time a form entry is made, Wati will send a templated welcome message or a customized message to that person to start your nurturing process instantly.

Add CRM contacts to Wati

Your WhatsApp marketing tool is only as efficient as the contacts that are a part of the tool. Since your CRM platform is likely to be the central database for all your customer and lead-related information, it is ideal to have your CRM platforms connected to Wati.

By integrating your CRM platforms like Zoho CRM with Wati, you will be able to move lead or customer contact information from your CRM to Wati instantly to help you plan your WhatsApp marketing activities efficiently and avoid the hassle of manually uploading contacts from your CRM to Wati.

Send reminder messages for calendar events

When you set up events or meetings, generally the registrants receive reminder notifications in their email, which they might miss as people don't check their inboxes often. However, when a reminder message is sent through WhatsApp, rarely will anyone miss that notification.

So, if you integrate your calendar applications like Zoho Calendar or Google Calendar with Wati, your registrants will get reminder notifications, ensuring they do not miss the event.

Add event registrations as Wati contacts

Similarly, once an event is complete, you might want to send messages to your leads to nurture them further. While email marketing is still considered to be efficient, and most businesses prefer to nurture their leads through email, WhatsApp has much higher open and click-through rates compared to emails, which offers an advantage.

Additionally, your WhatsApp messages can sound more friendly and informal than your emails, which also provides you with an edge. If you want to send nurturing messages to your registrants after an event, you can simply integrate Wati with event management platforms like Eventbrite, so all registrant contacts will automatically be moved to Wati, where WhatsApp marketing activities can begin instantly.

Send messages to e-commerce leads

Since WhatsApp marketing is known to be as efficient as any other form of marketing, if not better, it is crucial to reach out to leads from every source through WhatsApp, especially your e-commerce leads. Whenever they complete a sale or add items to their cart and leave, you can send them tailored messages to keep them interested in your business.

To do so, you can integrate your e-commerce platforms like Shopify with Wati. This will ensure that whenever an order is created or a sale is made in your Shopify account, the buyer will automatically be added as a contact in Wati, helping you send relevant messages to them instantly.

Get notified on incoming messages

As important as it is to get in touch with your leads and customers through WhatsApp, you must also be ready to respond to incoming messages from them as quickly as possible. If a lead or a customer reaches out to your business through WhatsApp, your support team should be able to answer them quickly.

By integrating Wati with messaging applications like Zoho Cliq or Slack, your support team can be instantly notified personally or through a channel whenever a message is received from a customer or a lead via WhatsApp, letting the support agent get in touch with the respective person as soon as possible.

These are just a few use cases where integrating Wati with other applications can be useful for your business. There are numerous Wati integration possibilities available for your business as Zoho Flow offers a way to integrate Wati with 900+ cloud and on-premise applications, helping you streamline your workflows and save you time.

Start integrating Wati with your favorite applications today, using Zoho Flow.



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