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  • 6 common Google Sheets workflows using Zoho Flow

6 common Google Sheets workflows using Zoho Flow

  • Last Updated : March 29, 2024
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Despite the emergence of very advanced database applications and project management tools, Google Sheets is still an application that millions of businesses use. Sheets allows users to view, organize, analyze, and collaborate on data quickly and easily.

However, your spreadsheets are only effective if the flow of data into them is seamless and instant. Integrating all your important applications with Google Sheets will keep the data consistently flowing, streamlining your work on all fronts.

Here are some efficient automations you can build with Google Sheets using Zoho Flow, to make your work easier and your data more consistent.

Derive valuable insights from form entries

Forms are one of the most efficient ways to collect information. They can be used for collecting lead data, customer surveys, and feedback.

By integrating form applications like Zoho Forms with Google Sheets, you'll be able to move the data entries from the form application to Sheets instantly. This helps you keep all your form information on a single sheet, making it easier for you to analyze your form data and derive valuable insights from them.

Analyze developer issues or bugs

Form entries aren't the only kind of information that you can analyze using online spreadsheets. Developer commits, issues, or bugs are also hard to track down consistently—and even if you're noting this information in a document or private channel, it'll still be messy and won't give you a clear picture.

If you integrate platforms like GitHub or bug tracking platforms like Jira with Google Sheets, you'll be able to view the issues or bugs in an organized and clear format, offering you a more complete picture. With this integration, every time a developer commit or bug is raised, the details of the issue or bug are immediately pushed to Google Sheets.

Instantly move data to your project management apps

Google Sheets spreadsheets are also a quick and effective way to back up information. However, if you're handling projects that require you to store a lot of data, Google Sheets might not be the best option for you. A more advanced and comprehensive tool will better manage such projects, and project management applications like Zoho Projects can be the right fit.

Since Google Sheets can help you transfer information more quickly, you can use it as a backup or to view information instantly while also having the data transferred to apps like Zoho Projects to gain complete visibility over your project. You can avoid having to move information into Google Sheets and Zoho Projects separately by integrating these two apps, pushing sheet information into your project management app instantly and automatically.

Get notified of updates by collaborators in your spreadsheets

Collaborating with multiple people on the same Google Sheets spreadsheet doesn't just offer real-time updates; you also don't have to share the same document multiple times. However, when many people operate on the same spreadsheet, it can lead to confusion. You'll need to check the same sheet multiple times every day to stay updated.

But integrating your Google Sheets with messaging applications like Slack or Zoho Cliq will ensure that every time there's an update on your spreadsheet, you'll automatically receive a text on your messaging app. This helps you see every update that's made on your spreadsheet by collaborators.

Export event registrants to a spreadsheet

When you conduct an event on an event management app like Eventbrite or Zoho Backstage, you'll likely see the details of the registrants or attendees in the same application. However, to organize, arrange, and view them in your desired format, you can export them to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.

By integrating your event management application with Google Sheets, you'll be able to automatically export the details of your registrants, attendees, and other important information to Google Sheets, letting you view and organize data easily. This will also help you analyze your data better, offering you detailed insights about your event.

Back up information safely

Google Sheets is also an easy and reliable means of backing up lead, financial, form and sales data. This can be done by integrating all your ecommerce, CRM, accounting, and other important platforms with Google Sheets. If this integration is in place, every time there's an update in any of these applications, the information will instantly be moved to your spreadsheet, ensuring that all your important information is consistently backed up.


These are just a few automation ideas you can use to integrate Google Sheets with other applications using Zoho Flow. We support hundreds of applications you can integrate Google Sheets with, to build automated workflows based on your requirements.

Check out Zoho Flow and start automating workflows today!

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