Keep patient health information secure

Zoho complies with the following industry standards to ensure all your health data is safe and secure.

For Administrators

Manage different aspects of hospital operations efficiently with easy access to critical patient information.


Create easily customizable and user-friendly forms to quickly gather patient information.


Maintain all your patient records securely with improved accessibility, and manage them all in one place.


Easily create websites in just a few steps so you can focus on what’s most important—providing the best care for your patients.


Use advanced analytical capabilities to discover patient insights through comprehensive data visualizations.


Digitally sign medical and administrative paperwork to improve patient experience. Use Aadhaar-based e-signatures, compliant under Section 3A of the IT Act, to generate digital records.

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For Clinicians

Provide better care for patients with centralized hospital communication and patient data storage.


Streamline hospital communication and ensure you’re always connected to provide the best health care.

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Create a single, centralized archive of all your patient records and make crucial patient data more secure and accessible.

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For Patients

Give patients access to better health care through easy online scheduling and instant clinical consultations.


Implement a scheduling solution ideal for your growing clinic or medical practice. Patients can effortlessly book appointments from anywhere, anytime.


Patients can submit questions and concerns about their consultation. Hospitals can quickly follow up and provide the best solution.


Healthcare workers can now provide medical assistance to patients through video conferencing from any part of the world.


Initiate conversations with your patients at the right time with an all-in-one live chat and chatbot platform.

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Enhance and automate health care processes

Automate processes to improve patient experiences with Creator, our powerful low-code platform.

Custom solutions

Create custom health care solutions with minimal coding knowledge.

Data security

Your data is fully encrypted and backed up to the cloud.

Multi-platform compatibility

Design applications for mobile, web, and tablet interfaces all at once.

Dedicated solutions team

Seamlessly integrate your existing hospital system with any Zoho application by simply sharing your requirements with our solutions team.

Dedicated solutions team