A comprehensive solution for clinician communication

Enable collaboration among modern health care teams with our simple, streamlined messaging platform.


Can I prescribe 10mg of atorvastatin for a 40 year old?


Yes, doctor. 10-80 mg per day is fine.


Communicate in real time

Smart, simplified collaboration for medical experts

Communicate with specialists, lab technicians, and vendors in real time, and easily manage and share all medical records and inter-departmental interactions.

Streamline discussions with channels and threads

Simplify discussions with hospital staff using designated smart communication channels and threaded replies.


Enhance cross-departmental collaboration with Cliq

Monitor activity across departments

Keep track of all departments and ensure staff availability for better cross-departmental collaboration.

Unify your organization

Bring hospital staff together for important discussions with Cliq’s audio and video meeting capabilities.

Improve your staff experience

Optimize check-in and check-out processes across clinics using our comprehensive dashboard.


Organize and work faster with asynchronous collaboration


Analyze and optimize hospital staff efficiency

Revisit important discussions to improve the efficacy of patient encounters. Record and share meeting highlights to enhance the quality, safety, and performance of your hospital staff.

Time spent on planning and scheduling

Keep track of upcoming medical appointments, meetings, and deadlines with optimized calendar sync options. Easily visualize the schedule and avoiding missed opportunities.

Efficiently broadcast hospital-wide news

Create a broadcast channel to share hospital-wide news, updates, and announcements with a single click.

Set up reminders for essential tasks

Empower clinicians and staff to easily manage tasks with timely reminders, and ensure they don't miss any important patient visits, meetings, or events.

Automate workflows and simplify the way your team works

Automate patient and staff workflows with our bot assistants

Build custom bot assistants to automate your workflows and enhance internal staff collaboration.

Accelerate and streamline patient care with Zoho Marketplace

Simplify all your workflow operations with our ready-to-use extensions from Zoho Marketplace.


Empower your staff to provide better health care services

Engage and educate hospital staff with live streaming

Enhance real-time learning and engagement by streaming important surgeries and treatments to hospital staff members and clinicians.

Transfer medical reports to the right place at the right time

Share reports through links, or by simply dragging and dropping files between windows. You can grant different levels of access to all your patient data.