Sharing a spreadsheet

Sharing a spreadsheet

Zoho Sheet lets you to share your spreadsheet with your collaborators. Sharing a sheet with your peers helps you to get your job done easily. In order to share a sheet, the following options are provided to you regarding the visibility of the sheet.

Share a spreadsheet

To share a spreadsheet:

1. Click Share in the menu bar.

2. Enter the email addresses of the collaborators with whom you want to share the document.

3. You can allow the collaborator to only read the sheet (Read only), read and edit the sheet (Read/Write) or let the collaborator share the document along with editing (Co-Owner)

You can set the visibility of the sheet as follows:

  • Collaborators only - Lets only the people with whom you shared see the document

  • Everyone in the Organization - Members within a specific organization can view it.

  • Password protected - Only those with the password can access the spreadsheet.

  • Public - Anyone can view it.


Collaborators are the persons with whom the spreadsheet is shared.

To view collaborators:

1. Click Share > Collaborators.

2. Use Notify Collaborators present within Share option to send a mail to your collaborators.

Publish Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet can be published within an organization or be made public to be viewed by everyone.

To make a spreadsheet public:

1. Click Publish from the menu and choose whether to publish to everyone or within the organization. You can also choose to allow others to export the sheet and to hide your formula cells by using the checkboxes provided.

2. Click Publish Range In from Publish to publish only a range of cells present within the spreadsheet and choose whether you want to publish internally or externally.

3. To view the published ranges, use Show Published Ranges present within Publish displays the portions or the ranges of the cells which are published.

Embed Spreadsheet

A spreadsheet can be embedded within your blog or web page by using the option Embed provided in the menu.

To embed the spreadsheet in your webpage:

1. Click Share > Embed.

2. Choose whether to publish in an internal site or external site.

3. Copy and paste the HTML code snippet provided in order to publish the sheet in your blog.

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