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Share files and collaborate in real-time

Zoho Docs makes it easy and secure to share files or folders with individuals. You can do so by entering their email addresses and set the access privileges to let them edit or view the file.

Files shared under Collaborators Only will be accessible only to individuals who are explicitly granted permission to access. Folders/files can be shared with non-Zoho users however, they need to sign-up for Zoho Docs to access and collaborate in real time.

To share files with collaborators

  1. In Zoho Docs, select the folder or file that you want to share.
  2. Click  (Share icon) from the tool bar.

    Share Settings pop-up will appear.

  3. Enter user name, email addresses of individuals you want to share it with.
  4. Choose the access privileges from the drop-down list.
  5. Select check box 'Notify through Email' if you would like to notify the user via email.
  6. Click Add Message to add more details.
  7. Click Share.

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