Add Password to Files

Passwords are the best way to protect your confidential files. You can create a link for your work and protect it with a password of your choice.The password can be shared personally to the user.

To add passwords:

  1. Right-click the file and click Share.
  2. From the Visibility drop-down list select Public on the web with password protection.
  3. Type in the password. You can also add an expiration date for the link. Post the date, the link will get expired and won't be accessible.
  4. Set the access rights and click Share. You can email the password personally with the document link to anyone you want to collaborate with.

Set Access Controls

Access controls help you control who views, edits or simply comments on your files. You can set different access controls for different people depending on their roles.
These are the type of access controls you can see in Zoho Docs:

  • ReadOnly: The user can only view the content.
  • Read/Write: The user can view and make edits on the content.
  • Read/Comment: The user will only be able to add comments and not edit the original content.
  • Co-owner: Co-owner will have the same control as the owner. A co-owner can also share the file with other people.

To set access rights for your file:

  1. Right-click the file and select Share. From the Visibility drop-down list, choose the mode of sharing.
  2. For each selection, you can set the access right from the Whoever accesses can drop-down list.
  3. If you are sharing the file privately with users, you can set different access rights for different users.

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