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Insert Twitter Feed

Insert Twitter Feed

Displaying twitter feeds is the best way to interact, engage and connect with your audience while presenting. It is one of the most simple and effective ways to collect feedback from your audience.  

To insert twitter feed: 

Click Insert > Twitter Feed on the menu tab. Or, simply click on the Twitter icon on the slide.

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Authenticate Twitter

To add twitter feeds into your presentation, you must first authenticate your twitter account. This is a one-time process and only when you complete this, you will be allowed to view twitter feeds within the presentation editor.

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Search For Tweets

You can search Twitter from within your presentation editor. You just have to type your search term or keyword in the search bar and hit the Enter key. You will see the most recent tweets displayed for the search term.

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Types of Twitter Feed

You can embed two types of twitter feeds in your presentation: Live and Marked

To determine the type of twitter feed you want to add to a particular slide, toggle the customize button to either Live or Marked.

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Live Feed

Embedding live twitter stream in a slide is pretty straight forward. Just enter the keyword in the search bar and you will see a stream of live tweets displayed. Now, just click the Insert button.

Note : The live twitter feed automatically gets updated with the most recent tweets and hence the tweets that you see while creating a presentation may not be the same in the slide show. If you wish to stop the automatic updates, simply uncheck the 'update feed automatically' option as shown in the above image.

Marked Feed

Marked feed allows you to choose your favorite tweets from the live feed. To embed marked twitter feed, hover over the live tweets and click +. The tweets that you select gets added to the marked twitter stream. All the marked tweets will be saved and displayed during slide show.

twitter feed

Edit Feeds

To edit/change the embedded twitter feed on a specific slide, just click on the edit icon. It will take you to the Twitter Feed window, where you can edit the feeds.

twitter feed

Link To An Individual Tweet

Are you looking to embed specific tweet/tweets into your presentation? Well, we let you do that too. You just have to copy and paste the tweet's direct link or URL in the space provided and click Insert. The tweet gets added to the slide and can be viewed in slide show. Likewise, you can add any number of tweets using the direct URL. 

twitter feed

Click here to learn how to get the direct link of a tweet.

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