Create a New Presentation

Create a New Presentation

To create a new presentation in Zoho Show:

To create a new document in Zoho Docs:

  1. Click on Create button on top left hand side
  2. From the drop down menu, select Presentation
  3. Now a new blank presentation will open. You can create a presentation from scratch, edit and share the presentation with other people and also collaborate in real time

create new presentation

Zoho Show saves your document automatically and you can always access it from your Documents list.

Name a Presentation

When you create a new presentation, Zoho Show will name it untitled by default. To choose a name other than untitled:

  1. Double click on the existing document name at the top left hand side corner of the page
  2. A pop-up window will appear. Enter the document name.
  3. Click OK. The document will get saved in your presentation list in Zoho Docs under the name you entered.

name a presentation

Delete a Presentation

To delete a presentation from your document list, select the check box next to the document you want to delete and click on Delete button on the menu tab.

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