Move Mail Attachments to Zoho Docs

Move Mail Attachments to Zoho Docs

“Add to Docs” option available in Zoho Mail allows you to add your Mail attachments directly to Zoho Docs Online Document System instead of saving them to your local drive. You can save your attachment either in the existing folder or by creating a new folder in Zoho Docs Online Storage . Attachments can also be moved to Workspaces in Zoho Docs and will be automatically shared to all the workspace users. Users in the Workspace can view/edit the attachment based on the permissions set by the owner. By this way, you can share any important attachments you receive with other users.

Move Mail Attachments


  1. Select the mail with attachment.
  2. Select 'add to docs' option present along with email attachment.
  3. A dialog box appears, select the folder to place the attachment.
  4. Click on 'OK' button to place your attachment.

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