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Add Digital Signature

Zoho Docs account comes integrated with Adobe EchoSign that removes the necessity of scanning software, signature pads or digital certificates to get your document digitally signed. You can write your contracts, sales proposals and others in Zoho Writer and then send out for digital signatures to your partner or employee. This section will guide you to send your documents for digital signatures using Zoho Writer.

To add digital signatures:

  1. Go to  and create an account.
  2. Log in to Zoho Docs, and open the Writer document which needs to be digitaly signed.
  3. In the Tools tab of the Writer's menu, click DigiSign. The Login window is displayed. This is a one-time login and after you have entered your EchoSign account details, it is saved for all future use. You can remove and add other accounts if necessary. 
  4. After you have signed in using your EchoSign email and password, the Configure Digital Signature window is displayed.
  5. In the Recipients field, enter the email address of the person to whom you want to send the document for signature. You can send it to multiple people by entering multiple email adressess in the field.
  6. If you want your document to be sent for signature in the order you have entered the email addresses, click the Order Entered button. If you don't have any particular order, click the Any Order button. 
  7. If the document has to be signed by you before it is sent out to other people in the order you have assigned , you can also select the I need to Sign checkbox, and chose if the document is signed by you first or at the end.
  8. You can change the document name, add a personalized subject line and a message before it is sent out for signatures.
  9. Click the Position Signatures or Add Form Fields checkbox if you want to add any other fields like Company Name, Date and others in addition to the signature field to your document.
  10. Click Next to go back to the editor. You can add custiomized fields for each signer from the DigiSign tab.
  11. After all the details are entered, you can Preview and Send the document for signature. After the document is digitally signed, the updated version is automatically placed as PDF in your EchoSign account.