Deluge Scripting - Overview

Deluge (or Data Enriched Language for the Universal Grid Environment) is Zoho's scripting language for customizing Zoho CRM and other Zoho software. Zoho CRM is designed to be customized by any user, but some users have complex sales processes that can only be modeled with custom Deluge scripts.

Deluge lets developers add functionality to Zoho CRM without having to worry about the database layer or cloud infrastructure. Its simple syntax is easy enough to read that even non-developers can write simple functions and create sales moduels specific to their industry.

Example of use:

Sales reps can send emails to every new lead they add to CRM. Instead of rewriting their message manually each time they add a lead, they could use a custom function to send their message automatically. Using a custom function associated with a workflow rule , they can address each lead by name so their message is still personalized.

Why Use Deluge Scripting for Zoho CRM

Create Custom Functions

  • Create complex custom functions to control modules, automate workflows, integrate with third parties, and handle data.
  • Create modules to automate procedures that are specific to your company's sales process.
  • Save time on repetitive tasks. For example, an intelligent function can automatically assign leads to the correct sales reps so administrators don't have to.
  • Run functions on button clicks or to generate related lists.
    See also, Custom Buttons  and Related lists .

Create Extensions and Connectors

  • Add features to your CRM by creating extensions and connectors.
  • Develop connectors with deluge scripting and associate them with extensions to integrate Zoho CRM with third party applications.