•  Direct Assignment
  •  Round Robin Assignment
  •  Notification Rule
  •  Workflows
  •  SLA
  •  Escalation Rule
  •  Blueprint
  • Direct Ticket Assignment

    With this rule, you can automate the assignment of tickets to specific agents based on their area of expertise. All you need to do is to set a criteria and an agent, so when an incoming ticket meets that criteria, it gets assigned to that agent.

    Direct ticket assignment
  • Round Robin Ticket Assignment

    A Round Robin rule lets you assign tickets equally to all the agents in a team. Assigning tickets this way helps increase your team's productivity and meet SLAs.

    Round robin ticket assignment
  • Notification Rule

    Always keep an eye on tickets by setting up Notification Rules. With this rule, you can notify your agents, contacts, teams, and departments either through email or SMS whenever a ticket is created, modified, or closed.

  • Workflows

    These are rules that run when the target criteria are met and they streamline your help desk operations. With these rules, you can assign tasks, send alerts, and update fields automatically when the specified conditions are met.

  • SLA

    SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. By definition, SLA refers to the standard of service you have agreed to provide a customer. By adding SLAs to your help desk, you can clearly define the due time of every ticket, and if there is a violation in SLA, you can bring it to the notice of a senior employee within your team. 

  • Escalation Rule

    When a ticket is past its due time, you can bring it to the notice of a manager or someone else within the team by setting up an Escalation Rule. If a single escalation doesn't help, you can escalate the ticket to multiple levels and get it resolved on priority. 

  • Blueprint

    Blueprint gives your support process more definition and structure. It ensures end-to-end completion of a task. This automation lets you run multiple processes involving different teams seamlessly without any manual intervention.