Move past shared inboxes with an efficient customer service email management system

Manage and send emails that are informative yet engaging, provide service that is fast yet personalized, and equip agents to be friendly yet productive with the most efficient email ticketing system, Zoho Desk.

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

How can you benefit?

  • Manage multiple email addresses from a single interface
  • Send informative and quick, yet easy-to-follow, emails
  • Never miss out on email updates

Centralize email tickets across multiple aliases in one place

Your business might offer different email addresses for each area of support like refunds, billing, sales, and more. Zoho Desk makes it easy for you to track, fetch, assign, and respond to customer service emails from one central location by converting them to tickets.

list of multiple support email aliases for different situations in Zoho Desk

Classify tickets to focus on all that's important

Your agents receive several customer service emails in a day, but not knowing which ones to prioritize can affect your relationship with your customers. By organizing emails based on criteria like time, status, priority, and CRM status your agents are well-equipped to make effective decisions and build lasting relations.

email tickets categorized as high, medium, and low in priority mode

Save time with shortcuts and automation

Typing common greetings, pleasantries, and lengthy how-to articles daily can be time-consuming, tiring, and counterproductive for your agents. With AI assistance, pre-written responses, keyboard shortcuts, and automated article suggestions they can send quick and accurate responses while closing more tickets in a day.

Reply assistant, Zia, suggests the most appropriate solution from your knowledge base to the agent based on customer query list of suggested articles and snippets related to the query for agents to use in their reply Email suggested snippet

Personalize interactions with more customer context

First step towards crafting personalized responses is collecting and storing customer information. Effortlessly create contacts in your database with reply-to email addresses. Explore cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and compose unique responses by going through the contact information, and the customer's past interactions with your business.

customer context like customer's past interactions, happiness rating, number of open and overdue tickets and contact details

Collaborate with internal and external teams

Take your customers straight to the solution instead of involving them in unnecessary email threads revolving around the solution. Send private email threads to collaborate with external partners and consultants. Use private comments to collaborate with internal teams, too.

thread marked as 'private' by removing customer email in recipients to converse with external agents and consultants internal agents tagging each other to communicate using private comments

Acknowledge and track emails effortlessly

Customers expect prompt responses while agents expect simpler ways of tracking email ticket activity. Enable timely customer responses using predefined customer service response templates, and automatically notify agents of every ticket activity with email templates.

email template used in reply to acknowledge contact on receiving a reply

Assign emails automatically

Your response rate and customer satisfaction levels are at stake if incoming emails are not managed effectively. Automate email assignments based on criteria like your agents' skills, workload, channel, customer preferences, and more to ensure agent and customer happiness.

rule for assigning incoming tickets with subject Dashboard reports

Embed happiness ratings in emails

Feedback collection is as essential as resolving a customer's issues. Send feedback links automatically after every response or upon closing a ticket and get insights about your customers' satisfaction levels.

customer happiness rating link with smileys included in reply draft

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