•  The HQ
  •  Overview Dashboard
  •  Agent Scorecard
  •  First Response Time
  •  Response Time
  •  Resolution Time
  •  Custom Reports
  •  Custom Dashboards
  •  Radar
  • The HQ

    If you need to take a quick look at the most important metrics of your help desk, then The Headquarters is where you can find them. This dashboard gives real-time actionable insights on ticket traffic, status, agent activity, and customer ratings, in one organized view. 

  • Ticket Overview Dashboard

    This dashboard shows all the important ticket stats like the number of tickets in each status, average ticket traffic, and happiness ratings. 

    Ticket overview dashboard
  • Agent Scorecard

    This view displays the consolidated metrics on the performance of every agent. Agents can see only their own scorecards, and the manager can view the scorecards of all the agents reporting to them.

  • First Response Time

    The time between the creation of a ticket and the agent's first response is called First Response Time (FRT). In this score card, the figures under FRT indicate that particular agent's average FRT.

    First response time
  • Response Time

    Response time refers to the total time an agent takes to send any number of responses in a ticket thread. Here you can see the average amount of time an agent takes to respond to a ticket thread.

    Response time
  • Resolution Time

    Resolution time is the time an agent takes to close a ticket. This figure represents the mean of resolution times of all the tickets in the agent queue. 

    Resolution time
  • Custom Reports

    These are reports that you can create based on other parameters you would like to monitor, in addition to the built-in reports. You can create them with Tabular, Summary, and Matrix formats.

    Custom reports
  • Custom Dashboards

    For a bigger picture, put together various key data points into a dashboard to get a quick summary of your metrics.

    Custom dashboards
  • Radar

    Radar is a mobile app where you can access all the important metrics in real-time. Whether you are an Agent or a Manager, you can customize the app to view stats that are most relevant to you and stay updated even when you are not at your desk.


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