Designed for users of all abilities

Strengthen your agents' ability to boost customer happiness with accessibility controls in Zoho Desk. Here's to taking steps towards digital accessibility by making agents independent, workspaces inclusive, and software more accessible for all!

CRM Software benefits | Zoho CRM

Here's how we can help you:

  • Make information processing easier for users with cognitive difficulties
  • Enable motion sensitivity to reduce the risk of seizures
  • Enhance software interactivity for users with visual impairments
  • Simplify daily operations for users with motor and learning disabilities
  • Provide meaningful experiences to all users

Detect essential information effortlessly

Identify essential information on your screen, like ticket IDs, contact details, and hyperlinks so you can execute actions seamlessly.

Individua facilmente le informazioni essenziali utilizzando le funzioni per evidenziare le informazioni critiche, sottolineare i link ed enfatizzare le aree di interesse.

Screen Reader

Hear and see everything happening on your screen
Work independently, knowing exactly what's happening on your screen, with a screen reader that renders speech and Braille outputs.

Display Layout

Customize the way you view content
Make adjustments to the content display based on your screen resolution. Shift the focus on content with Focused Layout, fit content to the screen size with Full Width Layout, or adapt the layout to the content with Adaptive Layout.

Reading Mask

Read through tickets without distractions
Focus on sections that need your attention with the reading mask. Keep the sections you read in the spotlight while masking the rest.

Zoom controls and font size

Improve readability by making content more legible
Make font size adjustments for clarity and improve overall visibility with zoom controls.

Animation Controls

Set things in motion at your own pace
Manage the motion of transitions by either minimizing non-essential transitions or adjusting them according to your system's default settings.