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We live in a world that's predominantly designed for individuals who can walk, talk, see, hear, and learn with ease. We also live in a world where 1.3 billion people are affected by disabilities, and one in three of them are active in the workforce. But is the world of work designed for them?

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A disability is a unique capability

Many people with disabilities possess extraordinary skills, though their potential may be limited by the tools they're provided. Studies show that employees with disabilities are highly productive and may have superior creative and problem-solving skills. This means prioritizing accessibility is more than just a legal requirement, or the right thing to do. Designing an inclusive company culture can help you unlock every employee's potential.

People with disabilities help businesses increase productivity by 72%.


Inclusive businesses grow 3x faster than their competitors.


How does building for accessibility help everyone?

Think about predictive text on your smartphone, closed captioning, text-to-speech, fidget spinners, electronic toothbrushes, and even bendy straws. These tools were originally made for people with disabilities–though the majority of the population has probably used them at least once (if not far more frequently) to make life easier.

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Redesigning the world for all

How do you, then, create an inclusive work culture where great minds are inspired to perform their best? Through inclusive technology. Regardless of your industry type or business size, accessible tech tools can help build meaningful relationships with every employee and allow them and your business to thrive.

Businesses play a powerful role in bridging the disability divide

Service is about compassion, selflessness, and inclusion. Service does not exclude anyone, so why should those who provide service be excluded? Every day, our customer service reps interact with their customer service software tools, so it's our responsibility as a business to make their 8 hours of software interaction as comfortable and seamless as possible.

Accessibility in
Zoho Desk

Recently, we started focusing on accessibility as a product principle. This helps us infuse accessible tech into every stage of the product lifecycle. With our constant efforts, we aspire to bring all customer service reps the best working experience possible.

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Zoho Desk is WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) 2.1-AA compliant

Our accessibility journey so far:

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A11Y team

Our dedicated accessibility team is always eager to learn, discuss, educate, implement, and evaluate web accessibility.

Periodic audit

Routine evaluations by experts in digital accessibility help us identify areas for improvement.

User feedback

Frequent testing by our users with disabilities leads to accurate, profound, and authentic feedback, which helps us create a genuinely accessible product.

Accessibility controls

New accessibility controls within Zoho Desk simplify interactivity for people with visual, physical and motor, and learning needs.

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Able Aura is an ecosystem we're building for persons with disabilities where they can avail healthcare, education, sports, travel, tourism, social life, [and more]. We are a bunch of people, where 25% of our colleagues are persons with disabilities. We wanted enterprise software that is accessible, both [internally] and [externally]. And, we picked Zoho Desk.[Our] feedback has been taken and they've built a beta version, which...gives most of the features [necessary] for visually-impaired people to...sit and work on customer service. It really makes us happy. Looking forward to a continuous journey with Zoho, and thank you so much for being a partner for enabling Persons with Disabilities along with us.

Bala SivaFounder and Chief Enabler, Able Aura

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