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Create record in Zoho Recruit


This task is used to create records in Zoho Recruit. 


<variable> = zoho.recruit.addRecord(<module_name>, <data_map>, <duplicate_check>, <connection>);


ParameterData typeDescription



is the response returned by Zoho Recruit.



name of the module in which the record will be created.

Following are the applicable modules:

  • Candidates
  • Job Openings
  • Contacts
  • Clients
  • Interviews
  • Custom Module



keys and values to create the record with the required data.

Refer this page for details about mandatory fields in each module.

Allowed values: 1 or 2.

If the value is specified as 1, it will throw an error if the same record already exists. 

If the value is specified as 2, it will search and update the record if it already exists. 

If this param is not specified, the record will be added as a new record.




specifies the name if the Zoho Recruit connection.

Note: This param is not supported in Zoho Creator, and is optional in all other Zoho services.

Create a record in Candidates module

The following script creates a record in the "Candidates" module in Zoho Recruit.

 candidatesMap.put("Last name","Richard");
 candidatesMap.put("Mobile","+91 998877665");
 candidatesMap.put("Experience in years","5");
 candidatesMap.put("Current Job Title","Assistant Manager");
 candidatesMap.put("Skill Set","MCA");
 candidatesMap.put("Experience Details","Working in UTS for 5 years");

 response=zoho.recruit.addRecord("Candidates", candidatesMap);


is a map variable which will hold keys and values required to create the record. It is of MAP data type.
 "Last name"
 "Experience in years"
 "Current Job Title"
 "Skill Set"
 "Experience Details"
are MAP keys. These are label names of fields in Zoho Recruit which will constitute the record.
 "+91 9988776655"
 "Assistant Manager"
 "Working in UTS for 5 years"
are MAP values. These are values of fields in Zoho Recruit which will constitute the record.
is the module in which the record will be created. It is of STRING data type.

Sample Response

The following is a sample success response:

   "message":"Record(s) added successfully",
   "Created Time":"2015-11-19 18:04:55",
   "Modified By”:”john”,”Id":"1687000000116001",
   "Modified Time":"2015-11-19 18:04:55",
   "   Created By”:”john”

To get the ID of the newly created record, execute the following script:

<variable> = <response_variable>.get("Id").toLong();

The failure response returned, when mandatory params are not specified, is of the following format:

   "message":"Unable to populate data, please check if mandatory value is entered correctly.",

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