Map and analyze your sales progress using funnels

Zoho CRM's funnel charts can bring significant clarity to your sales data by allowing you to visualize the progressive reduction of data through your different sales stages. Whether you’re interested in identifying customers who are dropping out of the sales process, understanding your buyers’ purchase journey, or visualizing whether you have enough prospects to achieve a sales target, you can do it all with funnel charts.

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Here's how we can help you

  • See sales records that drop off at every stage
  • Identify bottle necks in your sales process
  • Customize your funnel to match your sales process

Define each stage of the funnel

Define each stage of your pipeline based on what you want to track. For example, if you wanted to analyze the sales pipeline, the stages should be: leads, initial communication, customer evaluation, negotiation, purchase order received, delivery, and payment.

Define sales funnel stages

See the percentage of records that dropped off at every stage 

Your sales funnel has different stages, for example: awareness, interest, desire, and buying. Do you know which stage is losing the most users in your lead conversion process? Or, which stage of your lead qualification process is the least efficient? If you are digging through a giant mess of sales data trying to find out answers for questions like these, Zoho CRM can help. Once you configure the various stages you want to track in funnels, Zoho CRM shows you the changes in percentage values for each stage.

See sales records which dropped off at every stage

See your overall conversion rate

Check the efficiency of your sales process by checking the overall conversion rate. The overall conversion rate is the ratio of the leads that your sales funnel transforms into buyers at the end of the sales funnel. For example, a 30% overall conversion rate means that 30% of the leads that entered your sales funnel have purchased something from your company.

Track overall conversion rate

Identify bottlenecks

Funnels are like the speedometer in your car. They let you know exactly where you need to speed up or where you need to slow down. Using funnels, you can discover friction points, and zero in on areas that will have the greatest impact on growth.

What can you do with sales funnel charts?

  • Identify Bottlenecks in your sales pipeline
  • Calculate Deal win rate across different stages
  • Calculate Customer churn rate
  • Calculate potential by stages
  • Calculate website traffic to lead conversion
  • Calculate lead to deal conversion
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