Chart impressive stories with your data

Effectively analyze and pick out patterns and trends in your sales data by visualizing them in the form of charts. Zoho CRM provides an easy-to-use interface which enables you to create charts, add them to your home screen for easy access, and share them with your sales reps.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Visualize your sales data in seconds
  • Interact with charts to drill deep in your data
  • Choose from nine different types of charts to suit your requirement

Create charts instantly or from existing reports

As an entrepreneur, the reports you store in your CRM are only helpful if you can visualize the trends behind them. In just a single click, you can build beautiful charts from all your existing reports.
Create instant sales charts

A variety of visualizations

Make use of a variety of charts like Bar, Line, Funnel, Table, Column, Donut, Pie, Area maps, and Heat maps to make sure your data speaks to you on a visual level.

  • Sales charts with multiple visual styles
  • Sales charts with multiple visual styles

Interact to explore your data

Hover over your dashboards anytime to learn the figures behind each specific entry. Want to go even further? View the data behind your charts easily with just a click. This can come in handy in a variety of situations, for example: you are the Sales Manager for the Asia Pacific region and want to compare the number of leads created by sales representatives in the previous year. Just click on an individual sales rep and you'll be shown the details of all the leads created by them.

Drill deep into your sales charts

Fully customizable

Zoho CRM offers a wide range of customization options for your charts, like titles, benchmarks, and sorting options. We also support a comprehensive filtering functionality that allows you to extract the data and portray the chart the way you want.

Fully customizable sales charts

Collaborate and distribute your charts

Need a offline copy of your sales charts to hand out during your presentation? Zoho CRM allows you to print your charts directly and even export them as PDF files. 

What can you do with Charts?

Sales Managers

  • Yearly/monthly sales comparison column chart
  • Closed deals by sales reps line chart
  • Closed deals by business type area chart
  • Classification of Leads by lead source donut chart
  • Monthly or yearly lead creation by owners heat map
  • Status of leads by owners heat map
  • Campaigns leading to leads column chart
  • Industry-wise revenue by territory report
  • Monthly revenue from key accounts heat map

Sales Reps

  • Deals in the pipeline by stages funnel chart
  • Open, closed, and overdue tasks column chart
  • Deal amount by stages pie chart
  • Sales of products by category area chart
  • Win rate of deals column chart
  • Top deals in pipeline report
  • Lead funnel bar chart
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