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Zoho CRM's key performance indicators track how well you're performing in your primary business objectives. Adding a KPI monitor to your dashboard keeps sales managers on top of their key measurables at a single glance.

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Here's how we can help you

  • Measure specific areas of productivity
  • Compare your performance to a previous period
  • Identify the best and least performing entities by rank

Choose from different types of KPIs

Choose from different types of KPIs based on your industry requirements—Standard, Growth Index, Basic, Scorecard, and Rankings.

KPI Charts with multiple visual styles

Pick and focus your attention on specific areas

Measure specific areas of productivity that you'd like to monitor, and keep an eye on them.

Measure specific areas of productivity with KPIs

View the drop or increase for each metric

Visualize how your KPIs are performing by comparing the current numbers to a previous time period. For example—how much did the revenue generated from Google Adwords this year stack up to last year's revenue?

Measure increase or drop in sales metrics with KPIs

Rank your metrics

Rank your metrics based on various criteria for you to choose from. This helps you identify the top performing and lowest performing entities. For example, the top ten sales reps who closed the most deals in the past month, or the five poorest performing accounts in the last quarter.

Rank sales metrics with KPIs

What can you do with KPIs?

  • Lead Score
  • Deal conversion percentage
  • Average Deal size
  • Lead Conversion Time
  • Number of Signups
  • Organic / Paid Leads
  • Number of calls pending
  • Number of tasks
  • Revenue this month
  • Top industries from leads created
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