French energy company grows globally after discovering Zoho CRM

"Zoho CRM is essentially the brain of our company. It holds all of our memory."

Aurian De MaupeouCo-Founder, Selectra

Across France and Spain, Selectra is the leading energy price broker, carrying out over 200,000 utility company switches in 2015 alone. They employ 230 people across offices in Paris, Madrid, Rome, Vienna, and Istanbul.

Zoho's operating system is very robust, and contains the collective memory of Selectra's entire business.

Aurian De MaupeouCo-Founder, Selectra


Selectra's internal tracking software was built by co-founder Aurian De Maupeou himself. "I built my own interface," De Maupeou said, "we used to have problems with bugs in the software that resulted in a loss of trust in our system. It got to the point where my employees regularly expected to find bugs that would prevent them from working efficiently." Additionally, their homegrown system was being used to manage inbound calls. Despite the inefficiencies, their business began to outgrow the capability of their platform. So, they began to hunt for the perfect CRM solution.


"Making the switch from a homegrown system to a more universally-designed interface can seem daunting, but Zoho CRM is different," said De Maupeou. "Introducing new employees to the system is simple, and doesn't require extensive training or additional support. I also really appreciate Zoho's radically different approach to customer service and rightfully trusted them to aid in our transition." He said.

  • Industry typeEnergy
  • Employees200 - 500 employees
  • Type of businessB2C


"Zoho CRM is essentially the brain of our company. It holds all of our memory." said De Maupeou. "The operating system is very strong and has allowed us to grow very easily." De Maupeou added that Zoho has minimized the need for outside developers. "My executives can generate workflow loads and custom functions themselves. It's incredibly useful for us; we can accomplish new initiatives quickly," he said. Since implementing Zoho CRM, Selectra has grown quite significantly—more than either De Maupeou or Pinon ever anticipated when they founded the company. "Zoho is a stable ground upon which I can build a complex entity." - Aurian De Maupeou, Co-founder

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