Wessuc's acute conversion from their legacy software to Zoho CRM signaled a risk, but turned out to be the best decision they made

"Everything made sense in terms of growth, development, speed, accuracy of all of our departments, and this is what Zoho brought to the table."

Phil CronDirector of Sales, Wessuc Inc

About Wessuc Inc

Wessuc Inc. is one of Ontario's leading resources for municipal, industrial, and agricultural wastewater infrastructure and processes, with a focus on turning waste into value. Established in 2000, Wessuc is a family owned and operated business that cares about the environment and how their operations can make a difference.

About OTP Design-Works

OTP Design-Works is an authorized Zoho reseller in Ontario, Canada. They have years of experience consulting for various clients in North America.

The challenges

Reporting systems and legacy software

With their business expanding, Wessuc realized their capacity for professionalism was challenged by their limited reporting system. When they started looking at what they were doing fundamentally in terms of analytics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, they found that their sales managers had to manually input information two or three times into different systems, leading to duplication and human error.

Wessuc had used a number of disparate systems over the years and was most recently on a CRM contracted package called Jonas Software, which wasn't working well for their business. They had different systems for different processes and none of them worked together, which meant they were both duplicating information and wasting valuable time. This combined with how complicated their legacy software was forced them to look for a hassle-free change.

Considering their experience with Jonas, they wanted a system that would allow them to input information only once and have it accessible throughout their network and across geographies.


While looking into alternative solutions, they decided they couldn't compromise and narrowed it down to two options, Zoho and Salesforce.

Wessuc had heard good things about a consulting agency, OTP Design-Works, from one of their customers who had recently done a CRM implementation and decided to reach out.

After Salesforce's presentation, James Kinnaird from OTP met with Wessuc executives to understand their pain points, previous issues, and goals.

Introducing Zoho

When Wessuc decided to move forward with Zoho, OTP had their work cut out from them, needing to import data from five or six seperate legacy software solutions into Zoho. Migrating data from their previous program, Jonas Software, was a challenge from Jonas' side—the complex way they tracked data made things difficult.

"I hadn't even heard about Zoho before, until it got here. I was pleasantly surprised that it's quite easy to use and the functionality amazed me with what it does."

Ed GlasbergenDirector of Finance, Wessuc Inc.

Wessuc's sales team was one of the first teams to start using Zoho, but they wanted an upgrade in every division. They needed to move to a cohesive system that would allow them to scale and grow their business while reducing their cost, removing redundant data entry, and increasing ease of use and accuracy.

Wessuc found that Zoho CRM took care of all these needs, starting with the fact that it was extremely user friendly, yet complex in what it could do.

"Zoho has been great. It's so user friendly, so easy to use. If you make an error, you can edit easily, you can follow the transactions, you can pull reports."

Harriet LouwerseController, Wessuc Inc.

Zoho also brought more assets Wessuc saw the opportunity to invest in, helping them understand their business on a daily basis. Previously, they had to wait for the end of the month to see if a job was profitable or not, so this quick analysis was incredibly helpful.

One thing that made a massive difference is that any sort of information (email, phone call, etc) was automatically added to their CRM. Any information they obtained through direct discussions in person, over email, or over the phone could be transcribed and put into Zoho for everyone to access. This gave them better insight as to how they could be more competitive with each job.

  • Industry typeEnvironmental Service
  • Employees200 - 500 employees
  • Type of businessPrivately held

A promising relationship

Wessuc has a unique way of approaching work with purpose. With high quality workmanship, they expect the same thing from their clients, suppliers, and the programs they use.

At the end of the day, the complete package that Zoho brought to Wessuc made the most sense and without a hitch, has helped Wessuc with a radical transformation in the work life of their staff Beyond the suite of apps that Zoho provided, Wessuc considers their rapport with Zoho to be a promising relationship that they look forward to continuing.

"We didn't buy Zoho based on the dollar value. We based on what was best for the company overall and how the system could actually work with every aspect of our company and as we grow our company, will this also grow with us."

Phil Cron,Director of Sales

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