Caller Experience Company Transforms Customer and Equipment Tracking with Zoho CRM

Pro Sound is a consulting company providing turnkey systems for transforming the customer caller experience. Prosound’s services include writing and recording automated phone messages, and ensuring the installation works according to a company’s system specifications. CEO and founder Chester Hull summarizes Prosound’s approach with the following three questions: “Why are your callers reaching out to you, what are they expecting, and how can we make that experience better.”


The team at Prosound faced an intimidating task: they needed to transfer thousands of records worth of contact information from their current database into a cloud-based CRM solution. They were also looking to extend their database capabilities to include mobile options. , "We wanted to restructure the way we interact with customers to take advantage of mobile integration so customer information could be accessed and edited wherever we went," said Chester. Prosound needed a CRM solution that could quickly import contacts and easy-to-use mobile features without incurring substantial cost.

Their selection criteria for their CRM solution included the following:

Low cost barrier to entry – With the myriad of CRM solutions available, we did not want to end up spending a lot of money on a CRM solution that didn’t fit our needs.

Affordability – With the myriad of CRM solutions available, Prosound did not want to end up spending a lot of money on a CRM solution that didn’t fit their needs.

Mobile Integration – Prosound performs a large number of field visits and needs to access customer information on-the-go.

Flexibility – Customer equipment tracking requirements constantly change for Prosound, so they needed a CRM solution that allowed them to easily customize and change the tracking fields.

Connectivity – Finally, they needed the ability to sync with email management software for quick and easy data sharing.

Zoho CRM saves us a ton of time and really allows us to have smooth and quick interactions with customers allowing us to fit in more work per day.


Prosound’s choice to try Zoho CRM was quickly validated thanks to its easy installation process and streamlined communication process. "[Zoho CRM] was just so easy and intuitive, and it satisfied every one of our requirements," said Chester. "It saves us a ton of time and really allows us to have smooth, quick interactions with customers, allowing us to fit in more work per day."


One of the major benefits that Prosound noticed after switching to Zoho CRM fwas that it enabled much better tracking. “Before implementing Zoho CRM, we didn’t have a reliable track of the equipment we had at a client’s site, what the status was, and what kind of phone system they had. This information just slipped through the cracks," said Chester. "Now we can quickly pull up that information as we’re talking to a customer and know exactly what equipment they’re using.”

In addition to this, Prosound has also been able to take advantage of Zoho’s cross-product connectivity. Since integrating Zoho CRM and Creator, Prosound has enjoyed steady growth which they largely attribute to their team being able to quickly and easily sift through customer data.

“I recommend Zoho CRM as often as I can because the barrier to entry is so low and anyone can jump in, starting using Zoho CRM, and get the advantages right away. It’s free, extremely customizable, and flexible, and it’s mobile!” --Chester Hull, Founder/CEO at Prosound.

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