Action Coach uses Zoho CRM to manage and track their client and prospect lists. Jody Johnson, MasterCoach at ActionCoach Team Sage
IndustryIndustry Professional training and coaching
Size1001-5000 employees
TypeB2C and B2B

Action Coach, Team Sage is a franchise member of a worldwide business coaching franchise with about 1,000 offices around the world. They help business owners fix their processes of time, team, and money.


Switching from Salesforce to Zoho and having the sales team adopt the new product.

The major challenge was to keep track of and manage correspondence with all clients. "The client and prospect base is the asset of most businesses. If you don’t have that documented somewhere, that’s a huge asset that's not accounted for in the business," says Johnson.


Jody Johnson became aware of Zoho from the CEO of Action Coach of the Americas. Johnson now recommends Zoho to all of her clients. They had gone through two other contact management programs that failed because they either didn’t work with Outlook or weren’t customizable. Manage everyone and everything all in one place: from prospects to current clients with all different kinds of correspondence (e.g., newsletter, emails). Johnson’s team facilitates communications by utilizing more than two dozen email templates. She can now track progress, see bottlenecks, and identify how certain business will affect their revenues.

Tools that helped us grow


Johnson started with Zoho three years ago. If she could do it all over again, she would have hired a Zoho consultant to simply tell her and her team all the things Zoho can do to help her business. "Most business owners don’t have a way of tracking a customer list or prospect list. They don’t have an integrated way or holistic way of reaching out to them," said Johnson who sees this on a daily basis working with businesses. "A contact management system of any kind is really important." For me, Zoho does it all without myself juggling between different product, said Jody Johnson.