empowers ecommerce businesses across India to stay in top shape by using Zoho applications.

"About 70% of runs on Zoho. The built-in integrations, friendly support staff, and quick implementation time were reasons that tipped the scales in favor of Zoho."

Sahil ChughFounder, Magehost

With over 147 million ecommerce customers in India, it is no small task to provide smooth and consistent shopping experiences at every hour of the day, throughout the week. It only takes inconsistent navigation or a slower than usual load time for buyers to switch to the competition.

"Although there is much to gain in the ecommerce space where word of mouth is amplified by social media, there is also a lot to lose when sites are not monitored and maintained. The loss in sales is measurable, and the impact is often devasting" says Sahil Chugh, founder of

As an IT company, the team at Magehost works towards flawless hosting and maintenance for their customers, with teams working around the clock to ensure their clients' websites work well from the first click to the last. While a lot of Indian ecommerce businesses rely on buyers to alert them of issues with their site, Magehost makes sure that businesses are quickly notified of any performance issues, ensuring that sales are never compromised.

For Magehost, cloud-based solutions were a preference from the get-go. They used Pipedrive CRM first, but quickly felt the crunch when they had to pay for more apps to be integrated with the CRM. Sahil then made the decision to try Zoho for its vast suite of apps under one brand, and has not been disappointed since.

AI-driven chatbot helps qualify leads

Sahil says "Magehost's Zobot, called Ecommerce Guru, works wonderfully in asking prospects a set of questions before they are guided to submit their contact information. I treat this as the first level of qualification. It has boosted our sales productivity by 60-70%!" Zobot interacts with website visitors, and the data is directly pushed to CRM. The option to assign leads to reps who are available ensures that conversations can continue without a break. Reps also instantly receive the full transcript of any previous lead conversations, so that they have the full context on hand.

Templates and automation free reps up for bigger tasks

Magehost uses a combination of templates and workflows for their lead nurturing and post-sales campaigns. This allows the small team to take more calls and meet with more prospects. The support team also uses templates for issues where a lot of technical details are involved.

Sales discussions over Slack are preferred to team meetings

"With the Slack integration, I only have to share a CRM record to my team channels to stay on top of important business" says Sahil. The team is also more comfortable with sharing sales updates on Slack channels than in meetings. They've also found it quite easy to share reports and graphs from CRM on to Slack channels for the team to review.

  • Industry typeIT Services
  • EmployeesBelow 50
  • Type of businessPrivately held

Zoho Campaigns for running promotions and monthly newsletters

Periodic newsletters and routine email campaigns are a breeze with the Zoho Campaigns and CRM integration. The sync between the two applications ensures records stay updated on both apps.

The team is excited to discover more and more features day by day, and there is no looking back. "I am sure I will be using Zia's Best time to Contact and Zia Voice very soon," says Sahil, who is excited about all the future potential within Zoho's suite of business apps.

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