Amazon India Helps Retailers Flourish Through Zoho CRM

"There is no doubt that I would recommend Zoho CRM for its flexibility and ease of use," Goyal said. "We now have a huge volume of sellers using our services. It has helped us grow--and quickly at that."

Anand GoyalDirector, Amazon India

When Amazon expanded its operation to India in 2013, they had their work cut out for them, to put it lightly. As the second most populous country in the world with roughly 1.37 billion people, India's diverse and populated marketplace harbored a major opportunity for the Seattle-based firm. However, only about one-fifth of the population has internet access, and only a small fraction of that demographic have ever shopped online. Given the varied levels of exposure to technology, Amazon realized they needed to make it easier for their less tech savvy sellers to get familiar with the ecommerce marketplace. To make it happen, Amazon's goal was two fold:

Establish a network of service providers to help sellers make the adjustment, and create the best online shopping experience for buyers and sellers alike. They knew they couldn't do it alone. They needed a CRM. "Not just any CRM," the team said. "One that was flexible enough to support our distinct operational needs and expand as we grow."

Zoho has played an important role in standardizing our program. We now have more than 15,000 sellers using our services.

Anand GoyalDirector, Amazon India

The Challenge

Finding The Right Platform

Amazon India had to find a CRM that was customizable and easy to learn. With such a large volume of motivated sellers wanting to get online to start selling ASAP, Amazon needed to find a CRM post-haste. eCommerce operations in India were growing rapidly, and Amazon India needed to stay ahead.

"We decided that Zoho was the tool to use because it met our usability requirements, and we could easily customize it to meet the unique needs of our operation," the team said.

Nevertheless, the organization chose to shift without the help from an outside consultant. In fact, Tolbert oversaw the entire migration to Zoho CRM himself. He says that it only took four days to manage the data migration and about a week for the company to fully transition.

  • Industry typeE-commerce
  • Employees10,000+ employees
  • Type of businessPrivately held

Results Ensuring Quality and Operational Growth

Zoho CRM's simple & user friendly UI paired with its customization capabilities helped Amazon to streamline their previously unstructured service provider network in India. With Zoho, they were easily able to oversee the entire service provider network with complete transparency.

Anand Goyal, program leader for the service provider network, said, "The functions we've added have brought Zoho CRM beyond a simple contact management system to become more of a complete operational platform. We've integrated with Zoho Reports, and we have even extended the platform to include multiple features like SMS, email, and alerts for sellers, so they know when a contact is to be expected, what the status of their job is, etc." Furthermore, he explained that they can now "easily mitigate and control transactions that fall below standard in the same fashion."

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